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Petriage’s Symptom Checker Is Patent-Protected

The app analyzes a pet’s condition and advises the owner whether to seek veterinary care.

Petriage’s Symptom Checker Is Patent-Protected
The Pet Symptom Checker provides cat and owners with a recommended next step.

Pet Symptom Checker, a mobile app that assesses a cat or dog’s need for veterinary care, has earned a U.S. patent for its developer, Petriage.

The free tool uses statistical algorithms and the information input by a pet owner to arrive at a triage recommendation. If the pet’s veterinarian subscribes to the Petriage telehealth platform, the practitioner is automatically alerted.

“The Pet Symptom Checker thinks like a veterinarian reviewing a sick pet’s complaints,” said Petriage co-founder Shlomo Freiman, DVM. “What’s more, with the machine-learning component, Petriage continues to learn and will have richer and richer data to draw upon with each additional use of the app.”

The app is at least 97% accurate, the Bellevue, Washington, technology company reported. Users receive a recommendation that escalates from “non-threatening” to “worrisome,” “seek medical advice,” “urgent” or “emergency.”

The patent is Petriage’s first.

“We’re pleased that one of our core technologies has received patent protection, an important step as we continue to enhance our platform with new features,” CEO Joseph Coury said.

The Bellevue, Washington, company reported that wearable technology and enhanced data analytics are under development.

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