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Norbrook launches topical parasiticide for dogs and cats

Selarid is promoted as an “affordable option” for combating fleas, heartworm, ear mites and other parasites.

Norbrook launches topical parasiticide for dogs and cats
Administered with a pipette, Selarid (selamectin) comes in one SKU for puppies and kittens, two for adult cats and four for dogs.

Selarid, a newly released spot-on parasiticide from Norbrook Inc., is formulated to fight fleas, heartworm disease and ear mites in dogs and cats.

The monthly prescription medication is being marketed to veterinarians and pet owners as an “affordable option.”

“The best approach to pests like heartworms, which can be fatal for our pets, is prevention,” said Scott Krick, DVM, a technical services veterinarian at Norbrook. “That’s why Norbrook introduced Selarid: to give pet owners an affordable option so pet owners don’t have to leave their pet’s health to chance.”

Norbrook did not provide suggested prices.

Selamectin, the active ingredient in Selarid, also is used in Zoetis Inc.’s Revolution Plus (selamectin and sarolaner), which carries similar indications.

According to records filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which approved Selarid, the parasiticide is formulated to:

  • Kill adult fleas and control flea infestations, prevent heartworm disease, and treat ear mite infestations in both dogs and cats.
  • Control American dog tick infestations in dogs.
  • Treat and control sarcoptic mange in dogs.
  • Treat and control roundworms and intestinal hookworms in cats.

The drug may be used on dogs at least 6 weeks old and on cats at least 8 weeks old.

“Many pet owners think their pets won’t get heartworms, fleas or other parasites if they don’t go outside very often, so they can skip the preventative treatment to save money. This is especially true for heartworm prevention in cat owners,” Dr. Krick said. “In reality, only one in four cats is an indoor-only cat and only 5% of cats are on year-round heartworm prevention.”

Norbrook reported that Selarid is the company’s first topical parasiticide for companion animals.

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