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Nomination period opens for BVA presidency

It’s “not simply an honorary role,” the current president says.

Nomination period opens for BVA presidency
Dr. John Fishwick’s day job is senior lecturer in dairy herd medicine at the University of London’s Royal Veterinary College.

Who wants to be president of the British Veterinary Association?

The organization, which represents 17,000 veterinary professionals across the United Kingdom, is soliciting nominees for the 2019-20 presidential post.

The current leader, John Fishwick, MA, VetMB, DECBHM, advises that the volunteer job is hard work.

“As a BVA officer, it is a huge honor to represent the U.K.’s veterinary profession,” he said. “However, it is not simply an honorary role, particularly during this time of professional, social and political upheaval when BVA is supporting and championing the vital role vets play more than ever before.”

To become the 2019-20 president, the person first must serve as junior vice president in 2018-19.

The BVA is looking for someone who:

  • Is or very recently was in clinical practice.
  • Has a background in animal welfare science, ethics and law.
  • Possesses a thorough understanding and awareness of the current veterinary landscape.
  • Understands workforce issues, including retention and recruitment, and the professional needs and expectations of recent graduates.

The nomination deadline is Jan. 15, 2018. More information is available at www.bva.co.uk/elections.