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New UTI test also suggests antibiotic remedy

U-Treat, an in-clinic product, was evaluated at the University of Tennessee.

New UTI test also suggests antibiotic remedy
U-Treat consists of an incubator, luminometer and reader.

A British company, Test and Treat, has released onto the U.S. market a point-of-care test for urinary infections in cats and dogs.

The patented product, U-Treat, confirms urinary tract infections and then recommends the best antibiotics for treating the condition, the company reported.

“It means that veterinarians will no longer have to treat empirically while the urine sample is sent to an external laboratory or risk delaying treatment until the results are received,” Test and Treat stated.

The second part of the test looks at antibiotic susceptibility, “rapidly showing the best choice of antibiotic as well as identifying those that won’t work due to antimicrobial resistance,” the company added.

A clinical evaluation involving cats and dogs was conducted at the University of Tennessee in conjunction with David Bemis, Ph.D., a professor of biomedical and diagnostic sciences.

The test’s developer is company CEO and doctoral student Ron Turner, MS, a fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science.

U-Treat is sold in the United States by South Carolina distributor MicroVet Diagnostics. Protection Status