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In support of support staff

I have worked for a Kentucky veterinary hospital for 15 years. During my time here, clients have called me “nurse,” “tech” and “assistant.” I would never correct them because I am all of those.

While I congratulate Liz Hughston on going to school, that was not an option for me.

I do everything a certified, licensed or registered vet tech does. The only difference is that I was taught by the veterinarian I work for.

Hughston’s view that “Using the blanket term ‘techs’ is unacceptable and, frankly, offensive and contributes to the perception among staff that all support staff are the same” is wrong on so many levels. All support staff members are the same. They are working together to make sure pets are healthy and happy.

I find Hughston’s attitude offensive. I am so glad our “support staff” does not share her views.

Rhonda Fowler lives in Florence, Kentucky.