I am a veterinary nurse

I’ve been following the Veterinary Nurse Initiative peripherally since its inception and am in support of its purpose.

For years, I have used the term “veterinary nurse” and will continue to do so. For those who have questioned my usage of “nurse” in veterinary medicine, of which there have been many, I tell them this: “I have been in this field since 1995 and have yet to see one animal be ‘teched’ back to health. I have, however, seen thousands of pets nursed back to health, which is why we prefer the title veterinary nurse.”

In my mind, it really should be as simple as that, but then again, I’m not nearly as smart as my kids think I am. Perhaps the Veterinary Nurse and One Health initiatives should collaborate.

Shayne Gardner is hospital manager at Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Coral Springs, Florida. Protection Status