Essentials PetCare hosts pet adoption handoffs

Allowing people to meet inside a clinic helps ensure that exchanges are legitimate and safe.

Essentials PetCare hosts pet adoption handoffs

Essentials PetCare has found another way to get pet owners into its veterinary clinics, if only for a few minutes.

The small chain is encouraging people who connect through the Get Your Pet website to conduct the pet handoff in the safe confines of an Essentials PetCare hospital. The walk-in clinics are located inside Walmart stores — three in Texas and one in Florida. is an online community matching someone who wants to adopt a dog or cat with a person looking to rehome one.

The arrangement provides “safe, reliable and convenient locations for the adoption process to take place,” said Jill Lopez, DVM, MBA, the director of marketing and strategic partnerships at Essentials PetCare. “We strongly believe our new partnership with Get Your Pet will help more pets find their forever homes.”

Conducting public transactions in a secure location is not new in the internet age. Craigslist users and other online sellers and buyers often meet up at police stations.

“Our new partnership with Essentials PetCare is invaluable because it strengthens our ability to connect pet guardians to those looking to adopt in a safe and convenient environment,” said Angela Marcus, founder of Get Your Pet. “We believe that this partnership has the ability to greatly increase the flow of adoptions in our community, while having the added value of reliable veterinary care on hand from the beginning of the adoption process.”

Essentials PetCare clinics are located in Kaufman, Royse City and Anna, Texas, and in Port Richey, Florida. Protection Status