Equine vet assists in hurricane-ravaged Bahamas

Dr. Bess Darrow was part of a team organized by the Animal Wellness Foundation.

Equine vet assists in hurricane-ravaged Bahamas
Dr. Bess Darrow, second from left, prepares to fly out of Fort Pierce, Florida, en route to Freeport on Grand Bahama island.

A Florida veterinarian joined a team from the Animal Wellness Foundation on a one-day trip to the Bahamas, where they delivered hay to 19 equine survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

Bess Darrow, DVM, the owner of Tune Ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services in Williston, Florida, traveled to three farms on the island of Grand Bahama.

“She was assessing the horses, and I was assessing damage to stables,” said Jennifer Skiff, director of international programs for the Animal Wellness Foundation, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue group.

The hay delivery, which took Oct. 7, was important because the plant is not grown in the Bahamas.

“These horses need us, and we are prepared to meet their needs in crisis,” Skiff said. “Our plan is to stabilize them, attend to any immediate needs, and to provide food for as long as six months.”

A return trip has not been scheduled.

“Right now I’m in the fundraising stage, trying to get enough money to send building materials and patch up roofs and shore up the existing stables,” Skiff said.

The Animal Wellness Foundation also participated in the rescue of 72 homeless dogs from Nassau, the Bahamian capital, after Hurricane Dorian struck in late August. More information is available at Protection Status