Enrollment jumps 20 percent at Healthy Paws

Pet health insurer processed 31 percent more claims in 2018.

Enrollment jumps 20 percent at Healthy Paws
Golden retrievers and ragdoll cats are popular enrolled breeds at Healthy Paws.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance experienced healthy business growth in 2018 as enrollments rose by 20 percent, to about 400,000 dogs and cats.

The Seattle company stated that a 31 percent increase in claims in 2018 meant “more and more pet parents are using their pet insurance.”

Among breeds, the golden retriever was the most popular enrolled dog in 2018 and the ragdoll the most popular cat. Dogs make up 85 percent of Healthy Paws’ enrolled pets.

Stomach issues brought pets to a veterinary clinic most often in 2018, representing 29 percent of feline claims and 16 percent of canine claims, Healthy Pets reported.

Claims for cruciate ligament injuries jumped by 77 percent in 2018, the company noted without explanation. Claims for mast cell carcinoma fell by 7 percent.

“Cancer has long been a top 10 common condition for both cats and dogs, so Healthy Paws is glad to see the evidence that certain instances of the disease are decreasing,” the company stated.

The most costly insured pet in 2018 was a German shepherd named Lupa, who was diagnosed with tetanus. Luna’s veterinary bills totaled $52,021, of which Healthy Paws reimbursed $46,569.

The U.S. pet health insurance industry takes in an estimated $1 billion a year and is predicted by some analysts to hit $2 billion by 2022.

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