BabelBark introduces Alpha Pack subscription

The new service offers telehealth consultations and lost-and-found help.

BabelBark introduces Alpha Pack subscription
Alpha Pack is a paid subscription service available through the BabelBark app.

Software developer BabelBark has rolled out a $34.95-a-year service that gives pet owners around-the-clock access to veterinary advisers and the lost-and-found program SmartTag.

The new offering, called Alpha Pack, is a paid upgrade to the free BabelBark mobile app, which veterinary clients can use for pet health monitoring, medical recordkeeping and other purposes.

“We go further with Alpha Pack to provide access to services 24/7 when pets are in distress or are lost, giving pet owners resources and support when they need it most,” said Roy Stein, the company’s founder and CEO.

According to BabelBark, Alpha Pack:

  • Connects users to a veterinary medical hotline operated by the telehealth company whiskerDocs. “These conversations are then immediately shared with the pet owner’s veterinarian in case additional follow-up is required,” BabelBark reported.
  • Connects users to the SmartTag call center if a pet goes missing or is found. “This means that if a pet is lost, all local shelters, rescue groups and veterinarian offices are immediately informed — like an Amber alert for animals,” BabelBark stated. “A pet is given a special collar tag and their microchip ID is automatically added to a permanent, national pet registration database.”

The BabelBark app is available through the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Protection Status