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Antech introduces PCR ringworm panel

The DNA-based test can be performed on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and small rodents.

Antech introduces PCR ringworm panel
Circular areas of hair loss are a possible sign of ringworm in dogs.

Antech Diagnostics has launched a DNA-based test that can tell a veterinarian within one to three days whether a patient is positive or negative for a ringworm-causing fungal organism.

The FastPanel Ringworm PCR panel uses fungal cultures from sources such as plucked hair samples, skin scrapings or hairbrushes. The cultures are sent to an Antech laboratory and checked for Microsporum and Trichophyton fungal organisms at the genus level and the three most important species that cause ringworm infections in domestic animals, the company reported.

“Easily spread between animals and from animals to people, early diagnosis is critical so that treatment, often lengthy and expensive, can begin quickly,” Antech noted.

Ringworm skin infections are characterized by itchy, ring-shaped rashes.

“The No. 1 reason pet owners visit a veterinarian is for an itchy pet, and ringworm can be the cause,” said vice president of medical affairs Jennifer Ogeer, DVM, MS, MBA, MA. “For ringworm, key opinion leaders recommend PCR testing either in combination with dermatophyte culture or as a standalone diagnostic test to confirm infection and determine proper treatment.”

The new test can be used with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and small rodents.

A white paper written by Dr. Ogeer and offering clinical validation of the PCR test is available at bit.ly/3iL4CHB.

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