AAVSB supports veterinary telemedicine reform

Individual state boards are free to adopt the national policy.

AAVSB supports veterinary telemedicine reform

The Association of American Veterinary State Boards, completing a multiyear review at its annual meeting, has approved a comprehensive policy opening the door to the use of telemedicine for animal care in the United States.

Veterinarians may rely on their judgment and training in determining the means required to have sufficient understanding of an animal’s condition to diagnose and treat, the AAVSB decided during a meeting in Washington, D.C. These tools include telemedicine.

The language allows for a wider interpretation of the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

The policy will be posted soon on the AAVSB website ( and serves as guidance for all 50 state veterinary boards to consider and adopt.

The Veterinary Innovation Council, established by the North American Veterinary Community in 2016, endorsed the policy and applauded association members for taking action.

A careful reading of the new AAVSB policy paves the way for states to make telemedicine a reality in today’s veterinary practices. Protection Status