11 innovators vie for attention at Investment Forum

Emerging companies get a chance to woo investors at a K.C. Animal Health Corridor event.

11 innovators vie for attention at Investment Forum
Torigen Pharmaceuticals Inc., developer of an experimental autologous cancer vaccine, won the Innovation Award at the 2018 Investment Forum.

Eleven young animal health companies are converging on Kansas City, Missouri, in pursuit of investment dollars and professional guidance as they plot their next move.

A representative from each of the 11 startups will go onstage Aug. 27 to promote a promising product or idea to hundreds of financiers and animal health experts. From the one-day Investment Forum — a “Shark Tank”-like competition — will emerge a top dog that will take home $10,000 for putting on the best presentation in the eyes of judges.

Companies presenting over the previous 10 years have raised nearly $380 million, according to the Investment Forum’s organizer, the K.C. Animal Health Corridor.

The selected 2019 companies and what they want investors to know about are:

Assure Pet Health Inc. (Sudbury, Massachusetts)

A patented, proprietary therapeutic material and delivery mechanism for the treatment of plaque, gingivitis and halitosis in dogs. A form of elemental iodine would be dispensed at a controlled level into drinking water.

Automed (Huxley, Iowa)

A livestock medication-delivery system that allows users to automatically calculate, deliver and record individual animal treatments. Using specific adapters, the device is compatible with various routes of administration, including injection, topical and oral.

Cornerstone Animal Health (Denton, Texas)

Development of long-acting animal health products using active ingredients approved in other presentations for use in veterinary medicine. The first product utilizes a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory to provide consistent relief for five to seven days after injection.

Equine Smartbit (Clayton, Missouri)

Development of sensors imbedded in bits that would enable real-time measurement of critical vital signs as well as metrics. Horse owners, trainers and veterinarians would be able to capture data necessary for early detection of health issues and aid in more precise training of performance equine athletes.

Koglo Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Development of a device to improve fluid therapy in cats and dogs. The device would allow for in-home fluid therapy and minimize a pet owner’s needle phobia.

MesaGreen Pharmaceutical Co. (Frederick, Maryland)

Development of midazolam for the treatment of seizures in dogs. An autoinjector would deliver the product during in-home use.

MyX Therapeutics Inc. (Westmount, Quebec, Canada)

Development of an enabling mucosal delivery platform for use in aquaculture. A biodegradable nanoparticle is involved.

PetMedix Ltd. (Great Abington, Cambridgeshire, England)

A monoclonal antibody platform for use in companion animal medicine.

Resilient Biotics (Durham, North Carolina)

Development of live biotherapeutics to decrease or replace antibiotics as a tool for the management of bovine respiratory disease. The product would be delivered intranasally with dosing animals at or before arrival in the feed yard.

SwineTech Inc. (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

A product, SmartGuard, that utilizes machine learning to automate timely processes and prevent the death of piglets due to stillbirth or crushing. It simultaneously tracks real-time health and behavior metrics.

Vmartec (Kensington, California)

Development of a platform to enhance the profitability of veterinary practices through practice management software and a training program. Protection Status