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Walmart Adds Another In-House Pet Food Brand

Pure Balance PRO+ is promoted as “veterinarian formulated” and “super premium.”

Walmart Adds Another In-House Pet Food Brand
From left, the Pure Balance PRO+ puppy, senior cat and canine weight-management diets.

Walmart has launched a “veterinarian formulated” pet food line, Pure Balance PRO+, for dogs and cats, complementing the 9-year-old Pure Balance brand.

The nine new diets, which Walmart promotes as “super premium,” are made with either chicken, turkey or salmon as the first ingredient.

“The super-premium formulation is made with natural ingredients, plus added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to ensure your pet gets the nutrition they need,” the retail giant reported. “Best of all, it contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is launching at a price point that is lower than similar premium pet food items.”

Prices start at $9.88 for an 8-pound bag of dog kibble and $11.98 for a 7-pound bag of dry cat food, according to the Walmart website.

The Pure Balance PRO+ packaging states that the diets are “veterinarian formulated.” Details are not provided.

The recipes include:

  • PRO+ Puppy
  • PRO+ Senior dog
  • PRO+ Weight Management for dogs
  • PRO+ Weight Management for cats
  • PRO+ Small Breed for dogs
  • PRO+ Large Breed for dogs
  • PRO+ Kitten (wet and dry)
  • PRO+ Senior cat
  • PRO+ Sensitive Skin & Stomach for cats

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