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Vision Statement: Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

Improving the Lives of Animals and the People Who Care for Them

Vision Statement: Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging

Vision Statements: Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person sponsored essay series.

Since the installation of the world’s first standing equine MRI system over 20 years ago, innovation to benefit the veterinary profession has been the central focus for Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging. It is this innovation that is key to the success of fulfilling their mission to improve the lives of animals and the people who care for them. In the 21st century, the health care of our animal companions has become as important as the healthcare of our families. Coupled with the advancements in science, there are now huge demands on the veterinary profession to diagnose and manage diseases as proficiently as occurs in human hospitals.

Expectations are high and Hallmarq has endeavored to enable the profession to meet them through the provision of veterinary-specific diagnostic imaging equipment, world-class support and affordable business models. Through these advancements, they offer increased access for more practices, veterinarians and pet owners alike. Their second generation small animal 1.5T MRI is a clear example of how purpose-built advanced diagnostic imaging provides the vital next step in achieving excellence in the therapeutic strategies of both general and specialty practices.

Unlike the use of human MRI units available on the market, Hallmarq’s machines can be installed without major infrastructure renovations to the hospital, thereby reducing upfront capital expenditure. They also come with specific small animal–designed “surface coils” and a v-shaped patient bed — necessary components to attaining quality images. They are also more cost effective as a brand-new unit, guaranteeing 99% up-time, and their acquisition includes Q-Care, Hallmarq’s unmatched comprehensive customer support package.

Above all, quality is essential for diagnostic tests aiming to improve patient outcomes. Through the ability to aid veterinarians in accurate diagnoses with the 1.5T MRI unit, Hallmarq delivers quality in abundance with images matching those achieved with human units of similar strength.  

Hallmarq isn’t stopping here either -— the company’s veterinary-specific teams aim to continually improve on product capabilities and customer experience through innovation rooted in listening to customer feedback and advisory boards. They recently launched their Standing Equine Leg CT, aimed for those ready to step up to 3D imaging or use as a complement to standing MRI for a complete lameness workup. 

Honored recently with the U.K.’s highest accolade for business innovation (the Queen’s Award) for their small animal 1.5T MRI, Hallmarq is just beginning its journey toward improving the lives of animals. The profession can only benefit from this dedication and focus as the story continues.

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Simon Platt, BVM&S, FRCVS, DACVIM (Neurology), DECVN, joined the Hallmarq team in 2021 as medical director of the Small Animal MRI clinical program. Simon has authored and co-authored numerous articles in many leading neurological publications and is the editor-in-chief of Today’s Veterinary Practice. He is a founding member of South Eastern Veterinary Neurology group and a fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.