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Who’s speaking at the Virtual Care Summit

Register now for the Aug. 18 virtual meeting. Content will be available on demand after the event.

Who’s speaking at the Virtual Care Summit

The speaker lineup has been set for the Veterinary Virtual Care Summit, a free online event taking place Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Registration is continuing at bit.ly/VVCS2020. The summit, which has 2,000 early registrants, will offer up to 5½ continuing education credit hours.

Content will be available on demand after the event.

“We are thrilled at the interest and hope even more of the profession takes advantage of this free opportunity,” said Alison McIntyre, executive director of the Veterinary Virtual Care Association. “Especially as more practices are facing the new challenges that COVID brings and its impact not only on the clients and patients, but also on the staff, the importance of understanding and implementing virtual care has been thrust to the forefront.”

The topics and speakers include:

  • “Access for All: How Virtual Care Connects to All Who Need It,” with Steve Feldman, Dr. Jason Johnson and Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
  • “Building Bonds: Using Virtual Tools to Grow Client Relationships,” with Fia Fasbinder
  • “Applied Learning: Insights from the Frontlines of Human Health,” with Deb Leon, Chris Turner and John Reardon
  • “Heart and Science: Creating a Client Engagement Ecosystem,” with Dr. Ken Rotondo
  • “Tips and Tricks: Unleashing Your Website’s Powerful Potential,” with Adam Greenbaum, Robert Sanchez and Bill Schroeder
  • “Perspectives from a Veterinary Virtual Care Educator,” with Dr. Eleanor Green and Dr. Lori Teller
  • “Connected Compassion: Enhancing Hospice and End of Life Care,” with Dr. Shea Cox and Dr. Dani McVety
  • “Key Issue and Insights: VCPR — A Mystery in the U.S., But Canada Solved It,” with Mark Cushing, Dr. Charlotte Lacroix, Dr. Sharon Quinn and Doug Raven
  • “How-to: Building a Strong Workflow to Optimize Your Virtual Care Team,” with Dr. Hannah Lau, Nicole Rogers and Michael Shirley
  • “Specialty On-Demand: How Teleconsulting Brings Specialty Care In-House,” with Dr. Caitlin DeWilde and Dr. Apryle Horbal
  • “Catalysts: The Vital Impact of Veterinary Technician Through Virtual Care,” with Dr. Pete Bill, Jesse Longo and Serena Pudelski
  • “Dollars and Sense: The Strong Economics of Virtual Care,” with Dr. Beth Fritzler, Dr. Cherice Roth and Dr. Aaron Smiley
  • “Connected Health: Connecting the Dots Through On-Demand Monitoring,” with Paul Koffman and Scott Lyle

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