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Virbac unveils Easotic ear infection fighter

A pump applicator eases administration and helps improve dog owner compliance, according to the manufacturer.

Virbac unveils Easotic ear infection fighter
Easotic comes with an ergonomically designed applicator.

Virbac Corp. has released a prescription medication indicated for the topical treatment of canine otitis externa.

Easotic (hydrocortisone aceponate, miconazole nitrate, gentamicin sulfate) Otic Suspension for Dogs is dispensed through a pump applicator. One squeeze releases 1 milliliter of medication, which is administered once a day for five days, according to Virbac.

“Hydrocortisone aceponate is unique in the way it is transformed, so that once it does get down to the bloodstream, it’s mostly hydrocortisone, which I feel much safer about using, especially in small patients,” said Florida veterinary dermatologist Christina Restrepo, DVM, DACVD, speaking on behalf of Virbac. “At the epithelium level, it’s acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is exactly what we need.”

Inflammation and bacterial and fungal infections associated with otitis externa are a leading cause of veterinary visits by dogs, Virbac noted.

“While the condition can affect dogs of any breed or age, certain dogs — including frequent swimmers, dogs with allergies and those with floppy or droopy ears — are at a higher risk for the infection, since these problems can make the ear more susceptible to bacterial and fungal overgrowth,” Virbac stated. “The ability to rapidly and effectively manage inflammation is essential for a positive clinical outcome.”

Each bottle of Easotic contains 10 milliliters of medication, good for two, five-day dosings when prescribed by a veterinarian.

A study found that the pump applicator improves client compliance when compared with having to count drops, Virbac added.

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