NAVC Media E-Commerce Summit

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Want to learn more about changing consumer dynamics, emerging models, MAP strategies, blending channels and best practices for maximizing your e-commerce strategy?

Our one-day NAVC Media E-Commerce Summit will feature educational seminars from a dynamic lineup of experts from diverse industries. Our goal is to help attendees better understand the parameters for success in the rapidly changing e-commerce market.

Speakers include leaders from Amazon, AskMyPetDoc, Chuck Latham Associates, Cleveland Research, Packaged Facts, Vetsource, Veterinary Innovation Council and Vorys Legal Counsel.

This event is designed for senior executives and legal counsel from animal health manufacturers, distributors and hospital consolidators.

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Event Details

Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Pricing & Registration

Price: $695 per person

Registration includes all sessions, breakfast, lunch and refreshments on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

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Meet the Speakers

Mike Bassani

Consumables Lead | Amazon Pets

Mike’s been with Amazon for +4 years. He currently the leads the Pet Consumable business for; this includes the buying teams responsible for Health Care and Food as well as various special projects. Prior to leading Consumables, he’s led the Pet Supplies team, and the Operations of the Pet Consumables business at Amazon. Mike has a 7-year old, Staffy-mix he adopted from a shelter in Bellingham, (named Chauncey) and holds an MBA from Penn State University.

Zak Watts

Director | Amazon Pets

Zak has been with for +6 years and currently leads the Pets category for the US. He joined Amazon in the UK, where he is from, originally leading Entertainment Media categories and subsequently worked on international expansion initiatives with Amazon in India and China. Before Amazon, Zak ran the grocery buying teams at UK online supermarket Zak has two noisy but affable cats named Maurice and D’Artagnan, and also holds a PhD in Roman History from the University of Cambridge.

Andrew Dusing

Equity Markets Research Associate | Cleveland Research Company

Cleveland Research is an independent research firm founded in 2006 consisting of 15 research teams, 85 employees across 50 key channels. CRC has a reputation for exceptional marketplace intelligence across healthcare, retail, foodservice, industrial, and technology sectors. Research is used for institutional investors as well as market intelligence across supply chains. Andrew and his team focus on healthcare trends specializing in animal health, dental, pharma, and orthopedics. Andrew has been a member of the team for three years. Prior to joining the team Andrew attended Miami University (OH) studying Finance and English.

Daren Garcia

Managing Partner | Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Daren is the managing partner of the Vorys Pittsburgh office and member of the litigation group. His practice is focused on the areas of complex litigation, product diversion, and online seller enforcement. Daren has extensive lead trial counsel experience in commercial, employment, intellectual property and injury matters, including class and collective actions. Daren’s online seller enforcement practice involves the implementation, both domestically and internationally, of cutting-edge enforcement systems and strategies designed to protect brand value in the digital world. Daren has been recognized by Chambers and Partners as a “Leading Lawyer” in litigation.

Kurt Green

President & CEO | Vetsource

Kurt serves as President and CEO of Vetsource. Kurt joined the company in 2007 when Sequoyah Technologies, a company he founded in 1999, merged with Vetsource pre-revenue. Prior to founding Sequoyah Technologies, Kurt served as CEO of Cimcase International, as well as holding several management positions with Fortune 100 firms within the information technology industry. When Kurt is not working, he enjoys an active outdoors lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest, including running, hiking, biking, and golf. Kurt has two Miniature Australian Shepherds: Gabriel, a red solid, and Gideon, a red merle.

Chuck Latham

CEO & Owner | Chuck Latham & Associates

Chuck Latham grew up on a hog farm outside of Memphis, TN. He graduated with honors with a degree in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee at Martin. After college, Chuck moved to Colorado to work for the USDA and later Jones Veterinary Supply. In 1984 Chuck founded CLA to continue his veterinary and pet passion, and currently holds the position of CEO & Owner. CLA has 1000 plus employees focused on selling and marketing pet products across the US. In 2014 CLA started H&C Animal Health to work with veterinary pharmaceutical companies in an effort to bring their product to the OTC market. Recently CLA also founded Cactus Compliance to help companies manage their MAP compliance. Chuck has been chairman of NARMS, President of Petsmart Charities, previously a Board Member of PIJAC and a former member of the UT Martin Ag Council. He is currently a Board Member of the APPA. He has supported many philanthropic organizations including; WaterHope, Petsmart Charities, Petco Foundation, Military Veteran Organizations, the Glory Community and Adam’s Camp. Chuck is the proud pet parent of Maggie a Springer Spaniel. He is also active in his church and community, as well as being an avid golfer and outdoorsman.

Cal Lai

Chairman & CEO | Vet24seven

Cal Lai, Chairman and CEO of Vet24seven, is a serial entrepreneur with experience in building and operating marketing, advertising and ecommerce businesses. He is a recognized expert in technology and internet marketing, and is founder and CEO of three marketing focused technology companies with total market capitalization of approximately $200M at their peaks. Cal has raised more than $50M in capital and has been an officer and director of both public and private companies. Cal has an uncanny ability to spot shifts in technology and communication, creating companies that take advantage of market changes.

Aaron Massecar, MA, PhD

Executive Director, Veterinary Innovation Council; Program Manager, Veterinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Adjunct Associate Professor, Texas A&M, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences; Co-Founder, Drip.Vet, published author, speaker, coach, and consultant

Dr. Massecar is currently directing a telehealth project for NAVC’s Veterinary Innovation Council. The project focuses on the impact of telehealth tools on veterinary practitioners. This involves assessing practices, benchmarking, and implementation of tools, all the while providing reviews of new and emerging technologies.

He is also on faculty at Texas A&M and is helping develop the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy, a program to bring Students, Startup Companies, Faculty, and Practicing Veterinarians together. These student internships help train students in startup business principles and companies in creating tools that are custom built for veterinarians.

David Sprinkle

Research Director | Packaged Facts & Publishing

David Sprinkle is the research director for Packaged Facts, which publishes syndicated research on U.S. consumer markets, including industry-leading reports on the pet industry. He manages Packaged Facts’ consumer survey and webinar programs, contributes a monthly consumer insights column to Petfood Industry, and provides articles or interviews to pet industry media such as PETS International, PFI (Pet Food Institute) Monitor, and SupplySide Animal Nutrition Insights. He regularly gives conference presentations at APPA’a Global Pet Expo and Petfood Industry’s Petfood Forum/Innovation Workshop., and presents at industry events such as VMX, VetHealth Global, China International Pet Show, National Pet Industry Trade Show (Canada), and PIJAC Pet Industry Leadership Conference.


Amazon Pets: Evolution, Excitement and Opportunity

Mike Bassani & Zak Watts

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Pet segment with Amazon. Whether it be the investment in emerging technology, a rapidly changing competitor landscape, or the ways to reach/educate customers; the fun is only beginning. The Health Care space is rapidly evolving and Amazon Pets has taken a deliberate approach to earn trust with the customer and Health Care Community. This presentation will talk through how Amazon Pets has changed over the past few years, what has leadership excited about the segment, an overview of how we think about the business, and some of the different options to work and collaborate with Amazon.

Getting The Cat Out Of The Bag – Understanding Industry Changes & Ecommerce’s Role Within It

Andrew Dusing

Cleveland Research will discuss recent changes and trends (including hospital growth, corporate consolidation, manufacturer M&A) within the animal health market. They will walk through feedback and results from their proprietary survey work and provide insights on where they see the market going. Additionally, they will walk through how ecommerce and a changing consumer are accelerating changes and outlooks in the space.

The Changing Dynamics of the OTC Pet Retail Space

Chuck Latham

Curious about the best way to experience the ecomm revolution without upsetting the veterinarian channel?

Chuck will cover the dynamics of working across multiple channels: Big box, FDM, Independent, and Ecomm. He will reveal methods to protect your brands, especially as retailers consider the prescription market as their next growth opportunity. Additionally, he will discuss the difference between consumer-driven marketing and professional veterinary marketing programs.

Controlling Your Products in the Marketplace

Daren Garcia

Many companies today don’t have sufficient control over the sale of their products and, consequently, are faced with numerous anonymous third parties selling their products on the marketplaces. This lack of control creates several problems in the digital age, including:

  • Brand erosion caused by massive intra-brand competition
  • Quality issues from unauthorized sellers generating bad online reviews
  • Damage to e-commerce sales growth and dissatisfied authorized sellers
  • Inability to operate a viable MAP program consistently across offline and online channels

Daren Garcia, co-leader of Vorys’ Online Seller Enforcement group, will explain strategies that manufacturers and brands can use to control their online sales and stop unauthorized sellers from interfering with their business goals. He will discuss distribution strategies, foundational policies, MAP strategy, methods for controlling a brand’s online listing content and enforcement approaches that combine technology, investigation and legal tactics to permanently remove unauthorized sellers.

Winners and Losers: Navigating the Evolving Landscape in the Veterinary Industry

Kurt Green

The pace of change has never been greater for our industry. Customer’s expectations around choice and convenience are at an all-time high and many new entrants to the pet care space have emerged, launching innovative models to meet these changing demands. At the same time, manufacturers are softening their sales policies making products that historically have been designated “vet channel only” more widely available. In this presentation, we will discuss what types of companies are positioned to take advantage of these trends and what traditional veterinary hospitals must do to successfully navigate these tectonic shifts going on in the profession.

AI Voice and Conversation Marketing Will Hyper Charge Ecommerce

Cal Lai

The advent of powerful search engines created a new platform for marketing that opened opportunities and drove ecommerce growth. As more and more search shifts from keyboards to voice, something exciting is happening. Voice creates the opportunity for “Conversation Marketing” a powerful form of word of mouth, where questions are asked of voice AI and are answered clearly and relevantly, with the chance for recommendations and immediate purchase. With more purchases made during and through consultative sessions, voice will change the way people interact and buy online.

Vet Services and the New Pet Industry Landscape

David Sprinkle

The U.S. pet industry is undergoing transformation, driven by pet parenting, pet ownership, generational, economic, and omnichannel trends that have broken down traditional industry boundaries. Ecommerce dominates pet industry headlines, with and (under PetSmart) each posting over $3 billion annually in pet product sales. As big-box pet product retailers seek to stave off loss of sales to the Internet, they’re increasingly looking to veterinary and non-medical pet services. As the veterinary sector wrestles with the loss of pet medication sales, profits, and market control, practices are being bought up by and aligned with pet food manufacturers and pet superstore chains. This presentation tracks these changes with a focus on how pet owners view veterinary services and the role of their veterinarian, and on the veterinary sector implications of the new landscape for pet product manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and service providers.

Telehealth and E-Commerce: Looking Forward to Help the Veterinary Profession Adapt and Succeed

Aaron Massecar, MA, PhD

At the Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) we are focused on fostering new innovation and growth within the profession. We analyze the major trends that are impacting the profession and develop strategic plans for addressing them. Certainly the rise of e-commerce and tele-health are among those, and are priorities for VIC. We see these as positive, opening up new possibilities for veterinarians. Aaron will briefly talk through where are we now, and what to look for in the future. VIC will continue to drive change by organizing conferences, writing articles, engaging in regulatory reform through the PetsPAC, and teaching the next generation of students how to adapt to the changing industry.