ACTIVYL Cats6 packUp to 9 lbs$58.91$65.65$61.88
ACTIVYL Cats and Kittens6 pack2-9 lbs$63.74$67.80$65.77
ACTIVYL Extra Large Dogs/Puppies6 pack89-132 lbs$48.98$66.22$63.74
ACTIVYL Large Dogs/Puppies6 pack45-88 lbs$58.46$63.74$61.10
ACTIVYL Medium Dogs/Puppies6 pack23-44 lbs$62.59$63.74$63.17
ACTIVYL Small Dogs/Puppies6 pack15-22 lbs$46.55$63.74$62.59
ACTIVYL Toy Dogs/Puppies6 pack4-14 lbs$73.63$78.99$76.31
Advantage II for Cats4 packOver 9 lbs (Purple)$40.99$68.95$42.49
Advantage II for Cats6 packOver 9 lbs (Purple)$54.59$86.58$60.97
Advantage II for Cats4 packUp to 9 lbs (Orange)$41.99$68.95$42.49
Advantage II for Cats6 packUp to 9 lbs (Orange)$54.59$86.58$67.00
Advantage II for Dogs4 pack11-20 lbs (Teal)$40.99$70.88$42.47
Advantage II for Dogs6 pack11-20 lbs (Teal)$54.59$90.19$61.44
Advantage II for Dogs4 pack21-55 lbs (Red)$41.99$92.05$43.97
Advantage II for Dogs6 pack21-55 lbs (Red)$54.59$92.05$59.99
Advantage II for Dogs4 packOver 55 lbs (Blue)$41.99$70.88$46.95
Advantage II for Dogs6 packOver 55 lbs (Blue)$54.59$92.05$63.95
Advantage II for Dogs4 packUp to 10 lbs (Green)$38.99$70.88$41.97
Advantage II for Dogs6 packUp to 10 lbs (Green)$54.59$78.35$57.99
Advantage II for Kittens4 packUp to 5 lbs (Teal)$41.99$67.94$45.99
Bravecto (fluralaner)1 pack (3 doses)Dogs 22.0 - 44.0 lbs$39.99$59.11$45.89
Bravecto (fluralaner)1 pack (3 doses)Dogs 44.0 - 88.0 lbs$39.99$59.11$45.89
Bravecto (fluralaner)1 pack (3 doses)Dogs 4.4- 9.9 lbs$39.00$59.11$42.94
Bravecto (fluralaner)1 pack (3 doses)Dogs 88.0 - 123.0* lbs$39.99$59.11$45.89
Bravecto (fluralaner)1 pack (3 doses)Dogs 9.9 - 22.0 lbs$39.99$59.11$45.89
Bravecto Topical Large Cat1 pack (3 doses)Cats 13.8 - 25.7 lbs$65.95$65.95$65.95
Bravecto Topical Medium Cat1 pack (3 doses)Cats 6.2 - 13.8 lbs$62.33$62.33$62.33
Bravecto Topical Small Cat1 pack (3 doses)Cats 2.2 - 6.2 lbs$65.95$65.95$65.95
Capstar6 pack2-25 lbs (Blue)$26.95$41.99$32.71
Capstar6 packOver 25 lbs (Green)$26.99$45.99$36.27
Comfortis Tab6 pack10-20 lbs (Orange) (270mg)$74.99$91.79$88.95
Comfortis Tab6 pack20-40 lbs (Green) (560mg)$77.99$93.49$88.95
Comfortis Tab6 pack40-60 lbs (Blue) (560mg)$78.99$95.62$91.22
Comfortis Tab6 pack5-10 lbs (Pink) (140mg)$73.99$89.24$87.89
Comfortis Tab6 pack60-120 lbs (Brown) (1620mg)$85.99$98.59$96.78
Comfortis Tab6 packCats 2-4 lbs & Dogs 3.3-4.9 lbs$65.99$89.24$86.67
Credelio6 pack12.1-25 lbs$98.99$98.99$98.99
Credelio6 pack25.1-50 lbs$101.99$101.99$101.99
Credelio6 pack4.4-6 lbs$94.99$94.99$94.99
Credelio6 pack6.1-12 lbs$96.99$96.99$96.99
Effitix3 pack11-22.9 lbs$16.78$26.49$21.64
Effitix3 pack23-44.9 lbs$20.99$29.49$25.24
Effitix3 pack45-88.9 lbs$26.49$37.78$32.14
Effitix3 pack5-10.9 lbs$26.49$26.49$26.49
Effitix3 pack89-132 lbs$18.92$26.49$22.71
Frontline Gold for Cats3 count3 lbs or more$47.95$50.99$49.99
Frontline Gold for Cats6 count3 lbs or more$90.25$99.99$94.98
Frontline Gold for Dogs3 count23-44 lbs$49.95$49.99$49.99
Frontline Gold for Dogs6 count23-44 lbs$75.19$98.99$95.12
Frontline Gold for Dogs3 count45-88 lbs$49.99$51.95$50.99
Frontline Gold for Dogs6 count45-88 lbs$94.98$100.99$97.25
Frontline Gold for Dogs3 count5-22 lbs$48.95$49.99$48.99
Frontline Gold for Dogs6 count5-22 lbs$73.99$96.99$91.64
Frontline Gold for Dogs3 count89-132 lbs$49.99$52.95$51.99
Frontline Gold for Dogs6 count89-132 lbs$67.89$102.99$97.12
Frontline Plus Cat6 pack(Green)$68.95$96.59$70.99
Frontline Plus Dog6 pack1-22 lbs (Yellow)$67.99$89.99$73.73
Frontline Plus Dog6 pack23-44 lbs (Blue)$69.68$83.99$74.62
Frontline Plus Dog6 pack45-88 lbs (Purple)$69.68$88.99$76.25
Frontline Plus Dog6 pack89-132 lbs (Red)$69.68$90.99$77.23
K9 Advantix II4 pack11-20 lbs (Teal)$43.77$69.47$49.95
K9 Advantix II6 pack11-20 lbs (Teal)$61.18$82.99$72.95
K9 Advantix II4 pack21-55 lbs (Red)$43.77$69.47$49.99
K9 Advantix II6 pack21-55 lbs (Red)$61.18$89.99$72.95
K9 Advantix II4 packOver 55 lbs (Blue)$43.77$69.47$50.47
K9 Advantix II6 packOver 55 lbs (Blue)$61.18$90.99$72.95
K9 Advantix II4 packUp to 10 lbs (Green)$43.77$69.47$49.95
K9 Advantix II6 packUp to 10 lbs (Green)$61.18$87.99$72.95
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables3 packDogs 10.1 to 24.0 lbs.$55.99$64.49$59.25
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables6 packDogs 10.1 to 24.0 lbs.$101.99$122.85$113.97
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables3 packDogs 24.1 to 60.0 lbs.$56.99$66.05$61.07
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables6 packDogs 24.1 to 60.0 lbs.$103.99$125.87$117.37
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables3 packDogs 4.0 to 10.0 lbs.$54.99$62.99$58.80
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables6 packDogs 4.0 to 10.0 lbs.$99.99$120.03$112.27
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables3 packDogs 60.1 to 121.0 lbs.$57.99$67.51$62.00
NexGard¨ (afoxolaner) Chewables6 packDogs 60.1 to 121.0 lbs.$105.99$128.68$118.98
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats3 packLarge 5 lbs and over$17.49$21.29$20.64
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Cats3 packOver 2.5 lbs but under 5 lbs$17.49$39.89$19.99
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs3 packExtra Large 81 lbs and over$17.99$33.81$21.39
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs3 packLarge 56-80 lbs$17.99$33.81$21.29
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs3 packMedium 32-55 lbs$17.99$33.81$19.99
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs3 packSmall 13-31 lbs$17.99$33.81$19.99
Ovitrol X-Tend Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs3 packToy 6-12 lbs$17.99$33.81$21.39
Parastar Plus for Dogs3 pack23-44 lbs (Green)$39.59$41.99$41.99
Parastar Plus for Dogs3 pack45-88 lbs (Red)$40.49$47.19$47.19
Parastar Plus for Dogs3 pack89-132 lbs (Blue)$37.99$41.39$37.99
Parastar Plus for Dogs3 packUp to 22 lbs (Yellow)$36.99$41.99$38.69
Preventic Collar 18inSingleDogs <60 lbs$21.46$28.89$25.18
Preventic Collar 25inSingleDogs >60 lbs$21.46$28.89$25.18
SCALIBOR Protector BandOne 6-month collar$34.99$37.49$37.49
Seresto Flea & Tick CollarOne 8-month collarCat$54.99$54.99$54.99
Seresto Flea & Tick CollarOne 8-month CollarLarge Dog (over 18 lbs)$54.99$63.95$54.99
Seresto Flea & Tick CollarOne 8-month CollarSmall Dog (up to 18 lbs)$54.99$62.95$54.99
Simparica3 pack11.1 - 22.0 lb (20 mg)$37.49$39.94$38.72
Simparica6 pack11.1 - 22.0 lb (20 mg)$70.99$75.63$73.31
Simparica3 pack22.1 - 44.0 lb (40 mg)$40.49$42.49$41.49
Simparica6 pack22.1 - 44.0 lb (40 mg)$76.99$80.73$78.86
Simparica3 pack2.8 - 5.5 lb (5 mg)$35.99$38.24$37.12
Simparica6 pack2.8 - 5.5 lb (5 mg)$68.99$72.23$70.61
Simparica3 pack44.1 - 88.0 lb (80 mg)$41.99$44.19$43.09
Simparica6 pack44.1 - 88.0 lb (80 mg)$79.49$84.13$81.81
Simparica3 pack5.6 - 11.0 lb (10 mg)$36.99$39.09$38.04
Simparica6 pack5.6 - 11.0 lb (10 mg)$69.99$73.93$71.96
Simparica3 pack88.1 - 132.0 lb (120 mg)$42.49$45.04$43.77
Simparica6 pack88.1 - 132.0 lb (120 mg)$80.49$84.98$82.74
Vectra 3D3 count11-20 lbs$42.17$47.99$45.08
Vectra 3D6 count11-20 lbs$67.99$90.99$77.93
Vectra 3D3 count21-55 lbs$42.17$49.99$46.08
Vectra 3D6 count21-55 lbs$72.88$95.99$77.93
Vectra 3D3 count56-95 lbs$42.17$50.99$46.58
Vectra 3D6 count56-95 lbs$70.00$98.99$77.93
Vectra 3D3 countOver 95 lbs$42.17$57.99$50.08
Vectra 3D6 countOver 95 lbs$77.93$101.99$89.96

Heartgard Chewables Cat6 pack1-5 lbs (Red)$33.99$46.36$39.09
Heartgard Chewables Cat6 pack5-15 lbs (Purple)$30.95$46.36$36.54
Heartgard Chewables Dog6 pack1-25 lbs (Blue)$28.75$40.84$32.29
Heartgard Chewables Dog6 pack26-50 lbs (Green)$33.95$49.98$40.79
Heartgard Chewables Dog6 pack51-100 lbs (Brown)$42.95$51.03$48.87
Heartgard Plus Chewables Dog12 pack1-25 lbs (Blue)$50.95$59.48$54.99
Heartgard Plus Chewables Dog6 pack1-25 lbs (Blue)$25.95$38.26$30.64
Heartgard Plus Chewables Dog12 pack26-50 lbs (Green)$65.95$76.48$68.99
Heartgard Plus Chewables Dog6 pack26-50 lbs (Green)$33.95$49.98$38.39
Heartgard Plus Chewables Dog12 pack51-100 lbs (Brown)$76.95$91.78$82.99
Heartgard Plus Chewables Dog6 pack51-100 lbs (Brown)$39.95$56.30$45.93
Interceptor6 pack02-10 lbs$25.99$33.85$30.17
Interceptor6 pack11-25 lbs$28.99$34.89$29.95
Interceptor6 pack26-50 lbs$35.95$44.25$36.99
Interceptor6 pack51-100 lbs$42.95$52.57$42.99
Interceptor Plus6 pack02-08 lbs$28.99$33.99$31.49
Interceptor Plus6 pack08-25 lbs$29.49$33.99$31.74
Interceptor Plus6 pack25-50 lbs$37.49$43.99$40.74
Interceptor Plus6 pack50-100 lbs$45.49$52.99$49.24
Iverhart Max12 pack12-25 lbs (Blue)$53.98$63.10$58.54
Iverhart Max6 pack12-25 lbs (Blue)$23.99$36.67$29.23
Iverhart Max12 pack25-50 lbs (Green)$70.18$81.85$76.02
Iverhart Max6 pack25-50 lbs (Green)$23.99$47.57$35.78
Iverhart Max12 pack50-100 lbs (Brown)$80.98$97.99$89.49
Iverhart Max6 pack50-100 lbs (Brown)$29.99$54.00$31.95
Iverhart Max12 pack6-12 lbs (Purple)$53.96$65.67$59.82
Iverhart Max6 pack6-12 lbs (Purple)$37.81$37.81$37.81
Iverhart Plus6 pack0- 25 lbs (Blue)$32.99$32.99$32.99
Iverhart Plus6 pack26-50 lbs (Green)$22.99$36.29$26.99
Iverhart Plus6 pack51-100 lbs (Brown)$28.99$43.67$30.99
Tri-Heart Plus6 pack0-25 lbs (Blue)$20.61$25.90$20.99
Tri-Heart Plus6 pack25-50 lbs (Green)$25.77$27.99$26.88
Tri-Heart Plus6 pack51-100 lbs (Brown)$36.08$36.49$36.29

Advantage Multi for Cats and Kittens3 pack2-5 lbs (Turquoise)$49.99$55.60$52.80
Advantage Multi for Cats and Kittens6 pack5-9 lbs (Orange)$68.99$101.15$75.97
Advantage Multi for Cats and Kittens6 pack9-18 lbs (Purple)$70.45$101.15$76.99
Advantage Multi for Dogs6 pack20-55 lbs (Red)$72.99$104.71$82.47
Advantage Multi for Dogs6 pack55-88 lbs (Blue)$75.99$104.71$83.97
Advantage Multi for Dogs6 pack88-110 lbs (Brown)$84.95$104.71$91.49
Advantage Multi for Dogs and Puppies6 pack3-9 lbs (Green)$67.99$104.71$75.97
Advantage Multi for Dogs and Puppies6 pack9-20 lbs (Teal)$69.99$104.71$76.97
Revolution for Cats6 pack15-22 lbs (Taupe)$91.99$112.43$98.69
Revolution for Cats6 pack5-15 lbs (Blue)$84.95$109.54$89.99
Revolution for Dogs6 pack10-20 lbs (Brown)$74.99$105.28$85.97
Revolution for Dogs6 pack20-40 lbs (Red)$85.95$110.82$89.99
Revolution for Dogs6 pack40-85 lbs (Teal)$87.95$111.31$92.24
Revolution for Dogs6 pack5-10 lbs (Purple)$79.95$102.15$85.59
Revolution for Dogs6 pack85-130 lbs (Plum)$117.95$144.87$119.74
Revolution for Puppies & Kittens3 pack0-5 lbs (Pink)$40.49$51.21$44.57
Sentinel Flavor Tabs6 pack11-25 lbs (Green)$32.95$47.81$36.69
Sentinel Flavor Tabs6 pack2-10 lbs (Brown)$30.95$45.89$35.32
Sentinel Flavor Tabs6 pack26-50 lbs (Yellow)$38.95$54.09$43.19
Sentinel Flavor Tabs6 pack51-100 lbs (White)$48.95$65.81$52.51
Sentinel¨ Spectrum¨6 packUp to 10 lbs$41.99$52.38$45.01
Sentinel¨ Spectrum¨6 pack11 to 25 lbs$44.45$48.09$47.40
Sentinel¨ Spectrum¨6 pack26 to 50 lbs$51.99$65.81$55.83
Sentinel¨ Spectrum¨6 pack51 to 100 lbs$64.45$73.25$68.73
Trifexis for Dogs6 pack10-20 lbs (Orange)$101.99$143.74$125.87
Trifexis for Dogs6 pack20-40 lbs (Green)$104.99$130.56$107.94
Trifexis for Dogs6 pack40-60 lbs (Blue)$109.49$132.92$109.64
Trifexis for Dogs6 pack5-10 lbs (Pink)$94.95$123.50$99.94
Trifexis for Dogs6 pack60-120 lbs (Brown)$112.49$137.42$112.96

ApoquelSingle Tablet16 mg$2.49$4.00$2.72
ApoquelSingle Tablet3.6 mg$2.19$4.00$2.49
ApoquelSingle Tablet5.4 mg$2.39$4.00$2.54
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)180 count100 mg$78.99$78.99$78.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)30 count100 mg$16.99$16.99$16.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)60 count100 mg$28.99$28.99$28.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)180 count25 mg$51.99$51.99$51.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)30 count25 mg$10.99$10.99$10.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)60 count25 mg$15.99$15.99$15.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)180 count75 mg$67.99$67.99$67.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)30 count75 mg$13.99$13.99$13.99
Carprieve¨ Caplets (carprofen)60 count75 mg$22.99$22.99$22.99
Cosequin Capsules132 count bottle468 mg$32.26$57.79$40.49
Cosequin DS Capsules132 count bottle905 mg$39.49$64.99$46.98
Cosequin DS Capsules250 count bottle905 mg$73.99$99.81$85.49
Cosequin DS Chewables132 count bottle905 mg$39.99$78.95$50.00
Cosequin DS Chewables250 count bottle905 mg$63.50$99.81$82.99
Dasuquin Cats84 capsules250 mg$23.95$36.57$26.26
Dasuquin Soft Chews150 chewsOver 60 lbs$71.99$88.67$75.95
Dasuquin Soft Chews84 chewsOver 60 lbs$49.99$60.86$52.99
Dasuquin Soft Chews150 chewsUnder 60 lbs$63.49$63.49$63.49
Dasuquin Soft Chews84 chewsUnder 60 lbs$42.99$56.62$44.87
Dasuquin Soft Chews MSM150 chewsOver 60 lbs$79.99$99.11$83.54
Dasuquin Soft Chews MSM84 chewsOver 60 lbs$56.99$69.55$59.18
Dasuquin Soft Chews MSM150 chewsUnder 60 lbs$70.43$71.99$70.46
Dasuquin Soft Chews MSM84 chewsUnder 60 lbs$49.49$52.78$51.39
Deramaxx chewable tablets30 count bottle100 mg$89.99$107.95$101.69
Deramaxx chewable tablets90 count bottle100 mg$287.07$396.89$341.98
Deramaxx chewable tablets30 count bottle25 mg$33.99$56.41$43.82
Deramaxx chewable tablets90 count bottle25 mg$97.99$150.64$134.07
Deramaxx chewable tablets30 count bottle75 mg$61.99$93.52$78.32
Deramaxx chewable tablets90 count bottle75 mg$210.57$248.89$229.73
Duralactin180 countChew Tabs (Dog)$46.49$65.60$49.98
Duralactin60 countChew Tabs (Dog)$18.99$30.21$22.94
Duralactin3.75 lbsEquine Plus$105.33$109.95$107.64
Duralactin60 countFeline Caps$13.95$24.67$18.89
DuralactinSyringe (32.5 ml)Feline (L-Lysine) Paste$8.69$15.73$9.99
Galliprant¨ (grapiprant tablets)30 count100 mg$96.99$109.99$103.49
Galliprant¨ (grapiprant tablets)90 count100 mg$289.99$299.99$294.99
Galliprant¨ (grapiprant tablets)30 count20 mg$34.49$57.35$38.99
Galliprant¨ (grapiprant tablets)90 count20 mg$103.49$152.81$114.99
Galliprant¨ (grapiprant tablets)30 count60 mg$63.99$104.36$75.99
Galliprant¨ (grapiprant tablets)90 count60 mg$191.50$294.65$199.99
Metacam Oral Suspension15 mL0.5 mg/mL$29.99$39.86$35.99
Metacam Oral Suspension100 mL1.5 mg/mL$70.99$116.99$77.95
Metacam Oral Suspension10 mL1.5 mg/mL$20.99$38.64$27.95
Metacam Oral Suspension180 mL1.5 mg/mL$132.99$179.88$170.99
Metacam Oral Suspension32 mL1.5 mg/mL$34.99$60.67$39.98
Phycox Canine Granules120 scoops480 grams$27.99$27.99$27.99
Previcox Canine10 pack227 mg$27.95$38.69$35.99
Previcox Canine30 count bottle227 mg$73.49$125.32$83.45
Previcox Canine60 count bottle227 mg$149.99$238.04$172.55
Previcox Canine10 pack57 mg$19.79$31.99$28.05
Previcox Canine30 count bottle57 mg$38.49$54.78$46.64
Previcox Canine60 count bottle57 mg$72.49$102.38$87.20
Quellin (carprofen)120 count bottle100 mg$93.85$93.85$93.85
Quellin (carprofen)30 count bottle100 mg$40.49$50.95$45.72
Quellin (carprofen)120 count bottle25 mg$62.03$62.03$62.03
Quellin (carprofen)30 count bottle25 mg$29.69$35.71$32.70
Quellin (carprofen)120 count bottle75 mg$71.18$71.18$71.18
Quellin (carprofen)30 count bottle75 mg$38.69$43.97$41.33
Rimadyl Caplets180 count100 mg$242.95$304.55$254.74
Rimadyl Caplets60 count100 mg$84.99$115.42$92.69
Rimadyl Caplets180 count25 mg$166.45$232.09$177.60
Rimadyl Caplets60 count25 mg$58.99$91.99$69.45
Rimadyl Caplets180 count75 mg$208.99$277.89$219.57
Rimadyl Caplets60 count75 mg$69.99$90.70$81.44
Rimadyl Chewable180 count100 mg$241.99$285.84$246.58
Rimadyl Chewable30 count100 mg$43.99$62.46$47.99
Rimadyl Chewable60 count100 mg$80.99$110.27$89.69
Rimadyl Chewable180 count25 mg$159.49$196.59$165.20
Rimadyl Chewable30 count25 mg$27.99$43.70$31.93
Rimadyl Chewable60 count25 mg$54.99$75.91$61.19
Rimadyl Chewable180 count75 mg$196.49$261.76$210.95
Rimadyl Chewable30 count75 mg$36.99$50.80$41.97
Rimadyl Chewable60 count75 mg$66.99$93.58$78.44

Adequan Equine5mL vial500 mg/mL$49.95$49.95$49.95
Adequan Equine7 x 5mL vials500 mg/mL$299.00$334.36$316.68
Banamine Injectable100 mL1 mL/100 lbs$32.23$38.85$32.95
Banamine Injectable250 mL1 mL/100 lbs$58.95$63.59$61.27
Banamine Paste for Horses30g Syringe1500 mg$43.19$43.91$43.55
Dexamethasone100 cc vial2 mg/mL$7.25$12.29$11.57
Dormosedan Gel3.0 ml Syringe1210-1320 lbs$22.99$39.45$24.49
Dormosedan Injectable20 cc vial10 mg/mL$349.95$505.91$427.93
Dormosedan Injectable5 cc vial10 mg/mL$110.95$138.54$124.75
Equioxx Oral PasteSyringe6.93 gram$6.95$10.36$7.42
Equithrive Joint Powder2 lbs$92.26$129.99$129.99
Equithrive Joint Powder8 lbs$423.83$423.83$423.83
Equizone 1002.2 lbs0.6-1.2 oz. per 500 lbs.$31.99$31.99$31.99
Fluvac Innovator10 mL vial1 mL$117.95$186.19$132.99
Fluvac InnovatorSyringe1 mL$13.39$29.12$14.49
Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/110 mL vial1 mL$176.95$240.46$181.99
Fluvac Innovator EHV 4/1Syringe1 mL$19.79$25.99$23.12
GastroGard Oral PasteSyringe2.28 gm$30.99$48.08$37.28
Ichon Sterile5mL vial100mg/mL$26.49$41.38$36.35
Ivermectin Paste Horse WormerSyringe1.87%$2.49$7.99$4.29
Legend Injectable Solution4 mL vial10 mg/mL$79.99$84.95$82.47
Legend Multi Dose Vial20 mL vial10 mg/mL$369.95$488.95$369.99
NexHA Injectable Solution4 mL vial10 mg/mL$58.49$75.95$67.22
Pentosan EQ6mL250mg/mL$55.99$55.99$55.99
Phenylbutazone100 count bottle1 gram$17.99$29.35$22.95
PhenylbutazoneSingle Tablet1 gram$0.55$0.76$0.61
Phycox Granules for Equine 960 G30 scoops960 grams$37.99$47.99$47.99
Polyglycan10 mL vial$85.99$85.99$85.99
Prascend Tablets for Horses160 count1 mg$287.99$287.99$287.99
Prascend Tablets for Horses60 count1 mg$128.99$128.99$128.99
ReBalance Antiprotozoal Oral Suspension32 oz.4 mL per 110 lb$99.99$99.99$99.99
Regu-Mate Equine1000 ml2.2 mg/mL$239.99$304.35$273.59
SMZ/TMP Tablets500 tablets960 mg$52.00$64.91$58.46
StrongidSyringe20 mL$6.95$15.49$14.39
Strongid C25 lbs1 oz per 250 lbs$54.45$73.99$73.99
Strongid C-2X10 lbs0.5 oz per 250 lbs$39.45$50.53$44.99
Surpass Topical Cream124 gram$65.29$65.29$65.29
Thyro-L Powder10 lbs0.5-3.0 mg/100 lbs$192.16$192.16$192.16
Thyro-L Powder1 lb0.5-3.0 mg/100 lbs$24.95$24.95$24.95
Thyroxine-L Powder10 lbs$195.99$195.99$195.99
Thyroxine-L Powder1 lb$25.99$25.99$25.99
UlcerGard Oral Paste6 pack2.28 gm$179.99$257.44$218.72
UlcerGard Oral PasteSyringe2.28 gm$30.99$48.69$39.84
Ventipulmin Syrup100 ml Bottle0.5 mL/100 lbs body weight$99.95$136.33$118.14
Ventipulmin Syrup330 ml Bottle0.5 mL/100 lbs body weight$219.95$291.90$255.93
Vetera VEWT + WNV10 mL vial1 mL$272.99$272.99$272.99
Vetera VEWT + WNVSyringe1 mL$31.99$31.99$31.99
West Nile Innovator + EWT10 mL vial1 mL$259.99$326.99$326.99
West Nile Innovator + VEWTSyringe1 mL$32.49$32.49$32.49

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