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PetComfort feeding bowl passes human standards test

The non-toxic design is approved by the certification group NSF International.

PetComfort feeding bowl passes human standards test
The PetComfort Feeding System comes in eight sizes and heights.
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WeatherTech, an Illinois manufacturer known for floor mats and other auto accessories, has earned certification of what it calls “the first pet product to meet human standards for quality, performance and material safety.”

The stainless steel bowl used in the PetComfort Feeding System was examined by NSF International. The product testing, inspection and certification organization, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, concluded in 2011 that pet bowls were one of the top five dirtiest places in the home.

“Common household items can be potentially harmful to our pets,” said Lisa Yakas, senior certification project manager for consumer products at NSF International. “Pet bowls, in particular, have the potential to be harmful if they are made with materials that can leach harmful chemicals into your pet’s food and water.”

The U.S.-made PetComfort dog and cat bowls are dishwasher safe and feature an open lip design, according to WeatherTech. In addition, the mat and stand material comply with commercial food equipment requirements for indirect use, the company stated.

“We created PetComfort Feeding Systems and underwent rigorous testing to meet NSF International home-use standards similar to the standards used in the restaurant industry,” said Allan Thom, president of WeatherTech.

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