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Making it happen

Outcomes. Do we really have any control of our life outcomes or play a role in making things happen? Locus of control is one of my favorite constructs as it explores our perceptions of the manageability of our life outcomes. The theory gained public attention several decades ago through Dr. Julian B. Rotter.

Locus of control is often measured in terms of internal and external orientation. One who demonstrates higher internal locus of control believes he or she plays an important role in outcomes. These people have a strong belief that they can help make things happen.

Those who demonstrate higher external locus of control believe that outcomes are a result of chance, powerful others or external forces. They believe they have minimal power in making things happen and often feel they are a victim. External locus of control behavior is also often associated with the “blame game,” a concept that blames others for poor outcomes and the lack of opportunities.

Does this construct sound familiar, and have you seen or experienced examples of internal or external locus of control in your personal or professional life? How do you build your internal locus of control and increase opportunities to make things happen? My research indicates significant relationships between internal locus of control and business/nonmedical continuing education, self-awareness, self-esteem and authentic leadership.

Today’s Veterinary Business is a valuable resource that contributes to business/nonmedical continuing education by providing a diversity of content to help veterinary professionals make it happen — no matter what “it” may be.

This issue includes topics such as Mark Opperman’s “Take better control of your inventory” on Page 16, Dr. Jeff Thoren and Trey Cutler’s “The surfer’s guide to life” on Page 36, Abby Suiter’s “Turn hardship into fellowship” on Page 42 and Dan Truffini’s “Don’t sell yourself short” on Page 52.

Future issues of Today’s Veterinary Business will provide readers with more insightful information about locus of control as well as other content, resources and tools to help you make it happen.

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Deborah A. Stone, MBA, Ph.D., CVPM
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