K-Laser is now Summus Medical Laser

The Tennessee company’s rebranding coincides with major internal growth.

K-Laser is now Summus Medical Laser

After achieving new heights as a company, therapeutic laser manufacturer K-Laser USA has chosen a fitting new name: Summus Medical Laser.

“Summus in Latin means ‘the highest of all, superior, best of the best,’” said founder and CEO Richard Albright, DC. “It reflects our commitment to the highest level of service, the greatest user experience and continuous innovation in our laser product.”

The Franklin, Tennessee, company reported 100% growth since 2014 as a provider of non-surgical laser devices to both veterinary and human medicine practitioners.

“Over the last 15 years, we have built a leadership position in the market based on much more than our state-of-the art equipment,” Dr. Albright said.

The company’s veterinary products include the Class IV Platinum 3 and 4 lasers and the lightweight H1 laser.

The rebranding includes a new website, Protection Status