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Fear Free followers see benefits of certification

Revenue, patient care, safety and morale all improved, a survey discovers.

Fear Free followers see benefits of certification

Veterinary and pet professionals say earning Fear Free certification and using the knowledge gained to reduce fear, anxiety and stress in animals has paid off handsomely.

An online survey of 960 people revealed that 80 percent noticed an increase in gross revenue at their veterinary or pet services business and that nearly everyone — 96 percent — said patient care improved.

“We want professionals to understand that for their investments in Fear Free, there are many benefits that positively affect their teams, and most importantly, if clients increase their visits because they and their pets have pleasant experiences, their businesses will only grow,” Fear Free chief operating officer Ruth Garcia said.

The certification program, made up of online courses and other educational resources, teaches veterinary and pet professionals — from practitioners, nurses and receptionists to dog trainers and groomers — how to make the experience less stressful for animals and clients.

“Fearful pets can present all kinds of physical issues that can mask the real problem of their visits,” said Fear Free founder and CEO Marty Becker, DVM. “If the heart is racing and blood pressure is rising, then the veterinarian is less likely to get to the root of the problem.”

The survey also found:

  • 82 percent reported a rise in client visits.
  • 91 percent noted an increase in workplace safety.
  • 90 percent said their practice or business generated a more positive image.
  • 76 percent perceived improved team morale.
  • More than 50 percent received up to five referrals or new clients, and 7 percent had 51 or more.

Besides individuals, Fear Free also certifies veterinary hospitals.