Editorial Calendar

February/March 2020

  • Pet Dental Month: Find revenue opportunities in dental care
  • When you need a practice consultant

April/May 2020

  • How pet health insurance drives business
  • Increase revisits with an ear health plan
  • Branch out into house calls

June/July 2020

  • How to compete with online pharmacies
  • Pain management treatment plans
  • Improve compliance with heartworm preventives
  • Improve compliance with flea/tick preventives
  • Wellness plans are revenue enhancers

August/September 2020

  • Capture more vaccination business
  • Why pet health insurance matters
  • Get clients to say “yes” to diagnostic workups
  • Home delivery of pet food and medications makes sense

October/November 2020

  • Selling nutraceuticals improves the bottom line
  • Embrace client financing solutions
  • What’s new in practice management software

December 2020/January 2021

  • The latest trends in pet health insurance
  • Injectable drugs drive compliance
  • Is it time to sell my practice?
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