Editorial Calendar

February/March 2018

  • Find missed revenue opportunities with pet behavior issues
  • Flea/tick solutions and how the staff can respond to pricing questions
  • How sales of nutraceuticals can improve the bottom line
  • How pet health insurance improves client compliance

April/May 2018

  • How to protect staff from animal bites and other job hazards
  • Ways to improve compliance on heartworm preventives
  • What you need to know about prescription diets
  • Increase client satisfaction and revisits with a Total Ear Health plan

June/July 2018

  • Injectable solutions for dermatologic issues can improve compliance
  • Selling OTC supplements is a huge revenue opportunity
  • How to promote pet health insurance
  • Does your website need a tune-up or an overhaul?

August/September 2018

  • Use client education to drive dental health compliance and increase revenue
  • How to implement a great vaccination reminder system
  • Early NSAID intervention can promote consistent revenue and better outcomes
  • Offer OTC products to help solve pets’ dermatological problems

October/November 2018

  • Pet obesity and how selling the right foods can help
  • How to design effective geriatric wellness plans
  • Best practices for direct-mail marketing
  • Pet health insurance makes for a healthy pet and a heathy practice

December 2018/January 2019

  • How to talk to clients about the need for pet dental care
  • Wellness plans are valuable revenue enhancers
  • Pet ID chips and tags are a great source of incremental revenue
  • How to partner with pet shelters and rescue groups to attract new clients