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Optimizing Diagnostics

Products and Services to Improve Your Veterinary Business

Diagnostics is one of the fastest-growing profit centers in veterinary hospitals and clinics. There is a wide-ranging array of options available. Do you have the equipment and tools you need to produce accurate, reliable results that will benefit both your patients and bottom line?

Check out these products from our sponsors that can help you expand your in-clinic diagnostic capabilities. To see more innovative products — including new technology, client communication products and more — that will help you provide high-quality, efficient care for your patients, browse our complete Clinic Innovation Guide.

Featured Products

Antech Diagnostics RenalTechTM

Support the best possible outlook for cats facing CKD by treating disease before it occurs

Powered by artificial intelligence, RenalTech uses common serum and urine diagnostics to predict whether a cat will develop CKD in the next 2 years with greater than 95% accuracy. As the first predictive diagnostic tool for veterinary medicine, RenalTech allows you to act early and effectively with personalized care plans that inspire pet owner compliance and trust. Now, with Antech SDMA, you can use veterinary medicine’s only complete solution for CKD prediction, early diagnosis, staging and monitoring.

BOTTOM LINE: RenalTech allows you to address CKD proactively instead of reactively.

Antech Canine CE-IBD Assay

Deliver effective treatment faster for dogs presenting with common GI symptoms

The first diagnostic for canine inflammatory bowel disease gives you the opportunity to rule in or rule out IBD early and easily. Using biomarker data, the simple, cost-effective blood test allows you to pinpoint the cause of IBD, reinforce the need for diagnostic procedures, create highly personalized treatment plans, and even monitor a patient’s response to therapy.

BOTTOM LINE: The first noninvasive diagnostic for IBD elevates the level of care you can provide all dogs presenting with GI symptoms, supporting their rapid return to health.

Bionet America VetPort-X IV

The VetPort-X IV provides a unique handheld dental imaging solution for veterinarians as a simple, efficient and lightweight X-ray device that produces spectacular diagnostic image quality

The VetPort-X IV has a veterinary specific user interface and allows veterinary clinics to quickly and efficiently capture clear radiograph dental images with its handheld and lightweight design at just 3.3 pounds. The device helps clinics expand their dental imaging offerings while making for more efficient workflows. Data can be easily transferred from the device via WiFi.

BOTTOM LINE: One VetPort-X IV can do the work of multiple conventional wall-mount X-ray systems in clinical use.

Universal Imaging Digital Radiography

Having Universal Imaging and AGFA on your team means major league diagnostics for your practice

Universal Imaging is the only national company authorized to offer AGFA MUSICA 3® technology — the new gold standard in radiography. MUSICA 3® automatically analyzes and enhances the characteristics of each raw image to provide greater detail, even in difficult areas. Calibration and processing are automated, with an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training for your staff. Universal Imaging’s product specialists will demonstrate in your office on your actual patients for a first-hand look with no obligation.

BOTTOM LINE: Universal Imaging offers top-of-the-line digital radiography technology with the customer support to match.

Zoetis i-STAT® Alinity v

The i-STAT Alinity v handheld analyzer is an advanced, easy-to-use, portable analyzer that delivers real-time, lab-quality results

Built on the proven technology of the i-STAT, the i-STAT Alinity v delivers accurate results for acid-base, blood gases, electrolytes, chemistries and hematology. It provides important information needed to monitor and evaluate acute and chronic disease for ill patients. These features make the i-STAT Alinity v the ideal solution for general and emergency practice and veterinary research needs at the point of care.

BOTTOM LINE: Diagnose and treat whether out in the field or in the exam room.


The HM5 is a fully automated, five‑part differential hematology analyzer

This instrument displays a comprehensive 22-parameter complete blood count (CBC) with cellular histograms on an easy-to-read, intuitive touchscreen. The VETSCAN HM5 offers reliable performance, elegant and space-saving design, ease of use, true database management capability, and minimal maintenance. It is the optimal hematology system for veterinary clinics and research laboratories.

BOTTOM LINE: Highly accurate, reproducible results comparable to reference lab analyzers and fast turnaround for each sample — run nearly 20 samples per hour in five‑part mode.


The VETSCAN Sediment Analyzer (SA) enables practitioners to perform urine microscopy at the point of care

Combined with the VETSCAN Urine Analyzer (UA) for urine chemistry testing — including microalbumin and urine protein: creatine (UPC) ratio — the VETSCAN SA + UA is the complete solution for your in-clinic urinalysis needs. You can improve lab workflow by automating urinalysis testing, initiate urine tests on the SA to queue urine chemistry on the UA, and see the combined reports on an integrated workstation in minutes.

BOTTOM LINE: Intuitive interface and analyzer design provide a more efficient urinalysis solution.


The VS2 is a state-of-the-art chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and acid-base analyzer

This simple and intuitive chemistry analyzer instrument delivers quality results in just 12 minutes. Quality control is built in with an iQC system that combines proprietary algorithms to ensure quality and dependability with every result. The VETSCAN VS2 is compact and ideal for use in veterinary clinics, mobile practitioners, and research laboratories.

BOTTOM LINE: Obtain accurate results comparable to reference laboratories in just 12 minutes and begin treatment within one visit.