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Optimizing Diagnostics

Products and Services to Improve Your Veterinary Business

Diagnostics is one of the fastest-growing profit centers in veterinary hospitals and clinics. There is a wide-ranging array of options available. Do you have the equipment and tools you need to produce accurate, reliable results that will benefit both your patients and bottom line?

Check out these products from our sponsors that can help you expand your in-clinic diagnostic capabilities. To see more innovative products — including new technology, client communication products and more — that will help you provide high-quality, efficient care for your patients, browse our complete Clinic Innovation Guide.

Featured Products

20/20 Imaging VETSMART™

Our patented ATD (Auto Thickness Detection) technology eliminates the need to measure the patient with calipers

VETSMART is a one-of-kind complete digital X-ray solution. Our advanced technology pulls all the imaging components together to create an intelligent and synchronized system immediately ready to complete workflow with the touch of a screen. VETSMART APR (Anatomical Programming Radiography) presets X-ray techniques and exam selections made directly at an integrated workstation. VETSMART’s optional remote real-time generator monitoring includes our exclusive self-diagnostic tool based on IoT and machine learning.

BOTTOM LINE: The digital imaging system that thinks for you.

Bionet America, Inc. VEMO

The first wireless, wearable ECG sensor for veterinary clinics

VEMO is a completely wireless ECG monitor that continuously monitors and records vital signs and parameters during post-operative recovery and other clinic applications. Simply affix VEMO to the patient and allow the device to monitor a continuous ECG trace, heart rate, and respiration rate. With VEMO, veterinary technicians no longer need to have their workflows interrupted to assess pets in recovery and record vital signs. VEMO gives you 72-hour continuous, real-time monitoring and alarms at your fingertips while automatically recording vital signs at customizable intervals.

BOTTOM LINE: Get wireless vital signs monitoring with VEMO.

Bionet America VetPort-X IV

The VetPort-X IV provides a unique handheld dental imaging solution for veterinarians as a simple, efficient and lightweight X-ray device that produces spectacular diagnostic image quality

The VetPort-X IV has a veterinary specific user interface and allows veterinary clinics to quickly and efficiently capture clear radiograph dental images with its handheld and lightweight design at just 3.3 pounds. The device helps clinics expand their dental imaging offerings while making for more efficient workflows. Data can be easily transferred from the device via WiFi.

BOTTOM LINE: One VetPort-X IV can do the work of multiple conventional wall-mount X-ray systems in clinical use.

Bionote Vcheck NT-proBNP Biomarker Test

Get in-clinic, quantitative heart disease detection in minutes

The only in-clinic NT-proBNP biomarker test for the quantitative and precise detection of heart disease in dogs and cats is available from Bionote’s Vcheck line of affordable diagnostic tests. For use in routine care, pre-operatively or in response to symptoms, Vcheck’s tests allow for identification of the cardiac pro-hormone biomarker within minutes.

BOTTOM LINE: Without the need for an outside reference lab, the in-clinic NT-proBNP tests allow veterinarians to detect indicators for heart disease quickly while reducing the potential for sample degradation.

VetriMax UTid+® In-Clinic Diagnostic System

Accurately diagnose commonly encountered infections faster, with more affordable and timely treatment plans to improve the outcome for your patients and their owners

UTid+ is an in-clinic diagnostic system for detecting urinary, skin, and ear infections in cats and dogs. Prepped in your hospital by a veterinary nurse/technician or staff member with a patient’s sample, the test is incubated and provides accurate results in less than half the time of outsourced tests — for a fraction of the cost. Get accurate results in as little as 16 hours!

BOTTOM LINE: Bring microbiology back into your clinic with fast, accurate, and affordable results.