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Products and Services to Improve Your Veterinary Business

Pet owners seek advice from their veterinarians on pet care products and pharmaceuticals. If they don’t buy a product from their veterinarian, they will buy it from someone else. Make sure you are up to date on the most effective products to offer and fully believe in the efficacy of what you provide your patients.

Check out these products from our sponsors that will help you maximize your in-clinic retail offerings. To see more innovative products — including in-house diagnostic equipment, client communication products and more — that will help you provide high-quality, efficient care for your patients, browse our complete Clinic Innovation Guide.

Featured Products

AVMA Direct Connect

powered by Vetcove

A unique purchasing platform that combines all your preferred vendors on one site so you can easily compare prices, check stock and manage orders

AVMA members receive all the standard benefits of Vetcove, plus free access to exclusive features like real-time price comparisons at consumer pharmacies, special promotions and rebate programs. Gain a better understanding of your buying trends with advanced purchasing analytics. Getting started is easy — create or upgrade your account. Your negotiated and group pricing is automatically applied.

BOTTOM LINE: Direct Connect allows you to spend more time doing what you love and less time supplying your practice.

[email protected]

Offer high-quality diet formulas from Blue Buffalo with the convenience of automatic home delivery

[email protected] from Blue Buffalo™ is a home delivery program for BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet™ prescription formulas that works for you and your patients. [email protected] gives you the flexibility to provide Natural Veterinary Diet formulas in your clinic and offers free auto-delivery directly to patients, which achieves three times better feeding compliance.

BOTTOM LINE: This convenient program gives veterinarians the flexibility to easily prescribe and provide BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet formulas while their clinics can share revenue on all purchases — and enjoy special kennel and staff feeding discounts as well.

PRN® Pharmacal PROIN ER™ (phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride extended-release tablets)

This extended-release tablet offers the efficacy of Proin with the convenience of once-daily administration

PROIN ER™ (phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride extended-release tablets) is a once-a-day treatment for the control of canine urinary incontinence. PROIN ER™ allows for a steady absorption profile while providing the same reliable efficacy of PROIN®. At the conclusion of a 28-day study in which pet owners whose dogs were “controlled” on twice-daily PROIN were asked to switch their dog to once-daily PROIN ER™, 99% reported that their dogs “stayed the same” or “improved.”

BOTTOM LINE: More convenient administration and weight-banded dosing for controlling urinary incontinence in dogs.

PRN® Pharmacal Vet-Kem®

Vet-Kem® parasite control products have proven to protect homes and pets for more than three decades

Over the last several years, the sales of parasite control solutions and the consultation that accompanies these products have been relegated to over-the-counter and online retail stores. Now, with an updated look, uncomplicated color-coding and veterinary exclusivity, PRN® Pharmacal has made taking control of the parasite conversation easy. With the Vet-Kem Complete Solution, give pet owners the peace-of-mind that comes with protecting their yards, homes, and pets from parasites and the zoonotic disease they bring.

BOTTOM LINE: Vet-Kem® branded products offer ease of use.

Dermabliss™ Allergy and Immune Supplement by Vetnique Labs®

An all-natural soft chew supplement that supports dogs with allergies, atopy and other skin conditions

Dermabliss™ Soft Chews are created specifically to help support dogs with allergies, atopy and other skin conditions in response to seasonal and other environmental factors. Dermabliss™ contains premium all-natural ingredients including omega 3-6-9, quercetin, vitamins and bovine colostrum to promote a healthy immune response and maintain normal histamine levels.

BOTTOM LINE: Dermabliss™ is a safe, natural option to help support atopy, allergies and other skin conditions in dogs. For a free clinic sample, visit the link below.