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New veterinary products and technologies, which can take decades to develop, help address the global challenges associated with animal health and make a difference in the lives of veterinary patients. New technology is helping veterinarians improve patient outcomes and streamline their business.

Check out these products from our sponsors that will help take your practice to the next level. To see more innovative products — including in-house diagnostic equipment, client communication products and more — that will help you provide high-quality, efficient care for your patients, browse our complete Clinic Innovation Guide.

Featured Products


Airvet provides simple tools for busy practices to extend their reach via chat, live video and phone, while significantly reducing staff workload

Airvet is designed by veterinarians to fit into the workflow of the ultra-busy hospital. Utilized by large industry partners, Airvet’s focus is on strengthening the bonds between veterinarians and their clients through a modern yet simple telemedicine platform. Veterinary professionals use Airvet to deliver true continuity of care to existing clients, create new clients, drive more in-person appointments and grow meaningful revenue, without taxing an already busy practice.

BOTTOM LINE: This telemedicine platform lightens the load for your staff, is easy to set up and is beloved by clients.

Antech Diagnostics CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS

The only non-invasive way to detect the most common canine bladder and prostate cancer allows you to act early

Applying data-backed molecular diagnostics to free-catch urine, the CADET® BRAF system offers forensic-level sensitivity (>95%) for early detection and treatment for transitional cell carcinoma (TCC)/urothelial carcinoma (UC). Early detection allows you to begin appropriate treatment very early in the course of the disease, potentially before a mass has become invasive.

BOTTOM LINE: Improve survival and quality of life for dogs facing common canine bladder and prostate cancers.

Basepaws Early Genetic Feline Disease Detection

A convenient genetic test performed in-clinic or at home

Basepaws uses Next Generation Gene Sequencing to bring genetic testing to the veterinary clinic. With Basepaws Cat DNA Breed and Health Test, you can provide your clients with 38 genetic health markers for detection of 16 genetic diseases, with more markers coming soon, allowing for early clinical support and better patient outcomes. It also identifies breed relationships, physical trait markers and possible phenotype associations with behavior traits for better understanding of feline patients.

BOTTOM LINE: Veterinarians can provide more genetic breed relationship context to maximize early disease detection.

BodeVet’s® StablePlate RX™ Canine

StablePlate RX Canine empowers veterinarians to practice quality transfusion medicine without supply driven complications

StablePlate RX Canine is the first commercial freeze-dried platelet product designed to control bleeding associated with thrombocytopenia and thrombocytopathia. This shelf stable platelet product can be rehydrated with sterile water to help your patient when bleeding occurs without waiting for blood products to be delivered.

BOTTOM LINE: This safe, bio-active, and shelf-stable platelet-derived hemostatic agent helps veterinary professionals treat life-threatening hemorrhage secondary to thrombocytopenia and trauma.

Endoscopy Support Services iCapV7

This tool captures DICOM images and DICOM video directly onto a computer hard drive or a network location

Endoscopy Support Services, Inc., created iCapV7 to capture DICOM images and video directly onto a computer hard drive or a network location from any external video source. You can easily annotate images for education and reporting from both DICOM and non-DICOM modalities. The systems can send images and video directly to CloudEndo.com or other PACS server for easy collaboration and viewing. Combined with CloudEndo online, iCap offers a total suite of image collaboration, reporting and education tools.

BOTTOM LINE: Capture DICOM images and DICOM video from any external video source to deliver first-class medical care.

Endoscopy Support Services CloudEndo.com

A cloud-based PACS system for medical imaging

CloudEndo.com, from Endoscopy Support Services, Inc., manages all practice imaging data in a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Made for veterinarians, it is a cloud-based service that can service a single clinic or entire hospital system. Each department within the delivery system generates large amounts of data. Each site can create multiple files and media from each of its modalities. CloudEndo.com can meet the challenges healthcare networks face with data management.

BOTTOM LINE: Save, review and organize DICOM images, create reports, get telemedicine capabilities and provide unlimited case sharing any place you have internet.


An advanced technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to assess radiographs in real time for specific test results

This technology helps clinicians gain more diagnostic value from traditional radiographs. Powered by patented AI, clinicians are now instantly supported by the most advanced technology medicine has to offer. SignalRAY™ provides a second set of eyes™ for routine radiology screenings, offering objective, reliable interpretation of over 50 radiographic test results on every study in 10 minutes or less. SignalRAY helps clinicians give clients better answers, faster.

BOTTOM LINE: Learn why veterinary professionals around the country are choosing SignalPET for high-quality radiology results that lower costs and save time.


TeleTails is a telemedicine platform that extends trusted relationships with pet owners and DVMs beyond the hospital

TeleTails’ digital care software provides tools to offer live video consultations, flexible messaging, curbside care, cross-team communication, and payment capabilities to connect with clients digitally. Deliver convenient in-home care and follow-ups, while integrating data into your practice management system. Offer high-quality care in a matter of minutes, while controlling human contact during COVID-19 and getting compensated appropriately for your time.

BOTTOM LINE: Provide team-based digital care through TeleTails — a software system that is fully responsive to provider roles and workflows within a practice.


TeleVet’s mission: restore work-play balance for veterinarians, help them care for their patients and offer peace of mind for their clients with a modern solution

With TeleVet as your partner, your clinic can provide innovative and comprehensive telemedicine services through your smartphone or desktop. Get started easily with their supportive onboarding team and tools that integrate seamlessly with your current PIMS. TeleVet is VCPR compliant, so your staff, clients and patients can be at ease while you can concentrate on caring for your patients. Televet will save you time, grow your practice and make your days run more smoothly.

BOTTOM LINE: Receive your free trial today and see why TeleVet is the most trusted solution for veterinary telemedicine!

Insulin Syringe UltiGuard® Safe Pack

Patented all-in-one solution to dispense and safely dispose of insulin syringes from UltiMed, Inc.

A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming for a pet owner. Ease clients’ anxiety and improve treatment compliance by recommending UltiGuard Safe Pack, the only insulin syringe that combines premium, human-grade syringes with a sharps container. It is the most comfortable injection possible for your clients’ diabetic dogs or cats. UltiGuard Safe Pack also removes the concern about what to do with the syringes after treatment.

BOTTOM LINE: Remove the stress that nervous pet owners have in treating their pets’ diabetes by educating them about the UltiGuard Safe Pack.

VetriScience® Amilextin™

Groundbreaking chew to ease soreness and discomfort in dogs

Amilextin™ is a breakthrough chew supplement that may help relieve inflammation and ease discomfort in dogs. It’s comprised of two clinically proven ingredients, Anivestin™ and AmLexin®, which can help reduce soreness and protect joints and cartilage from degradation. These plant-based ingredients are powerful antioxidant blends that have a long history of use without side effects. A hydrolyzed chicken liver-flavored chew improves compliance and can be administered alongside a joint health supplement.

BOTTOM LINE: Amilextin™ chews relieve soreness and discomfort in dogs without side effects.

VetriScience® Cardio Pro

Advanced heart support chew for cats and dogs

Cardio Pro features 11 active ingredients to support cardiovascular health in cats and dogs. It’s recommended for breeds predisposed to heart issues, those with prior heart problems, and senior or geriatric pets. It features Hawthorn Phytosome, a more bioavailable form of this well-researched herb shown to support blood flow and circulation. Cardio Pro also contains L-carnitine, L-taurine, Coenzyme Q10 and folate to support heart health. A hydrolyzed chicken liver-flavored chew improves compliance and is suitable for sensitive diets.

BOTTOM LINE: Cardio Pro delivers a more bioavailable form of Hawthorne while meeting the growing demand for heart support in an easy-to-administer, multi-species chew.