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Embracing Integrative Medicine

Products and Services to Improve Your Veterinary Business

Veterinarians who offer a tailored blend of traditional and integrative medicine services use a variety of treatment options. These blended services can improve the quality of life for your patients. How can you incorporate integrative therapies into your practice? Get educated about the treatments and products you can offer or recommend for your patients.

Check out these products from our sponsors that can help you expand your integrative medicine offerings, including a probiotic, special dietary formula and more. To see more innovative products — including in-house diagnostic equipment, client communication products and more — that will help you provide high-quality, efficient care for your patients, browse our complete Clinic Innovation Guide.

Featured Products

BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet

High-quality options to meet your patients’ dietary needs

BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet™ from Blue Buffalo™ provides an efficacious, therapeutic portfolio to manage adverse food reactions with two clinically proven formulas: HF Hydrolyzed for Food Intolerance, featuring hydrolyzed salmon, and NP Novel Protein — Alligator starting with deboned alligator. Both are rich in antioxidants and fermentable fibers such as dried chicory root, and feature high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Each formula undergoes ELISA testing to ensure it meets a strict standard for identifying contaminating proteins, and NP Novel Protein undergoes PCR testing as well.

BOTTOM LINE: You can confidently prescribe these high-quality diets to treat your patients’ adverse food reactions.

ExeGi Pharma Visbiome® Vet

A high potency veterinary probiotic for pets that is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health

Visbiome® Vet contains the De Simone Formulation, a high potency 8-strain probiotic blend, which has been clinically shown to aid in reducing occasional loose stools due to environmental stress or dietary changes, help support the protective layers of the bowel and maintain proper gut flora, and help maintain normal kidney function in domestic pets. Make Visbiome® Vet available for your patients today.

BOTTOM LINE: No other veterinary probiotics measure up to Visbiome Vet — the highest available concentration veterinary probiotic at 112.5 billion CFUs per dose.

Jorvet Cod Fish Skin Graft

An exciting development in the wound care field supports the body’s ability to heal

The sustainably sourced cod skin is gently processed, and then is sterile packaged for use as a skin graft in nonhealing wounds or burns. To use, remove the graft material and trim to size, gently soak in warm saline, and then place onto the graft bed area. You can suture, staple or, in most cases, just lay onto the graft bed. The patient’s skin regrows into the graft bed and it is totally incorporated into the new healed wound. It has a long shelf life — five years — and can be stored at room temperature.

BOTTOM LINE: A fish skin graft that will revolutionize wound healing in animals.

PRN® Pharmacal Duralactin® Supplements

Available in multiple formulations and flavors, these nutritional supplements promote normal activity level and overall wellness

Duralactin® brand products are nutritional supplements aimed at managing long-term inflammation in dogs, cats and horses. The active ingredient, MicroLactin®, is a specialized milk protein concentrate shown to reduce inflammation by inhibiting neutrophil migration. This action supports the joint health, function and overall wellness of animal companions, while helping maintain normal activity.

BOTTOM LINE: Duralactin supplements support joint health and function in dog, cats and horses.