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Pearls of wisdom

I just finished reading the February/March 2018 issue of Today’s Veterinary Business and needed to be sure you heard the applause. Every article had pearls that I could use, improve my diagnostic skills or serve as an idea to stimulate future action to motivate and reassure the value of “my team.” Thank you and keep […]

I’m not a merchant

Dan Truffini’s article “Don’t sell yourself short” [December 2017/January 2018] is nothing less than disgusting. I have spent my entire 36-year career working to correct the public perception that veterinarians are not “real” doctors. This contemporary doctrine on veterinary practice management, which emphasizes “tapping revenue potential” in every way possible, distorts our image from “medical […]

Why the veterinary profession needs a union

Morgan VanFleet, a licensed veterinary technician in Washington state, decided in February 2017 that she had had enough. After working more than a decade in veterinary medicine, VanFleet was unable to keep up with mounting medical bills and unable to afford modest housing in the city where she worked. Hearing similar complaints from colleagues, she […]

Constrained in Kentucky

Politics & Policy columnist Mark Cushing, in his analysis of abuse reporting laws in all 50 states, misstated the current state of abuse reporting in Kentucky [“Great expectations,” December 2017/January 2018]. He stated that Kentucky veterinarians have no requirement to report and no protection if they do. In actuality, veterinarians here are prevented from reporting […]