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What vets want

We don’t have a shortage of veterinarians with regard to the number of veterinarians out there [“The Ripple Effect,” June/July 2018]. What we have is a shortage of vets who want to or can afford to live/work in a rural area. What we have is a shortage of vets who want to work a 40-hour […]

Obsolete markups

I have been a veterinarian for 15 years and have owned a successful practice for the past seven years. I don’t get a chance to read much in vet-based magazines, but recently I had a chance to pick up your April/May issue. I am always looking for ways to improve the business side of my […]

Murky writing

The writing in “The Changing Veterinary Landscape” [April/May 2018] was so jargon-laden and run-on that the article was useless. In example No. 1, the last paragraph states, “In particular, this will result in veterinarians having more access to animals than previously imagined and give them the time to work on unique cases that the other […]

What dog shortage?

I am a hospital administrator in Tempe, Arizona, and have worked here for nine years. I have a degree in entrepreneurship from Grove City College. I have done thousands of hours of continuing education. I have volunteered with rescues and the county shelter, and we run a donation center out of our hospital for all […]

Hire a business pro

During my lunch today I read the April/May 2018 copy of your magazine (along with Harvard Business Review) and enjoyed just about all of it. One article was of particular interest: “The Goldilocks Concept.” I enthusiastically read and silently cheered on lines in the article such as “A hybrid model, in which we have expert […]

Watch your words

I received a copy of Today’s Veterinary Business this morning, and I had the same reaction as I did when I received another issue. The August/September 2017 issue had an article featured on the front cover about making your pharmacy a “cash cow” in the practice. My first thought was, “I hope my mail carrier […]

Do we really need more dogs?

The article “The Looming Dog Shortage” [February/March 2018] left me incredulous, as the author noted in the beginning paragraphs. I agree that puppy mills and imported dogs need to be eliminated, but I also think that households should be prepared to support the dog they so desperately want. As a veterinary nurse, I have dealt […]

Pearls of wisdom

I just finished reading the February/March 2018 issue of Today’s Veterinary Business and needed to be sure you heard the applause. Every article had pearls that I could use, improve my diagnostic skills or serve as an idea to stimulate future action to motivate and reassure the value of “my team.” Thank you and keep […]

I’m not a merchant

Dan Truffini’s article “Don’t sell yourself short” [December 2017/January 2018] is nothing less than disgusting. I have spent my entire 36-year career working to correct the public perception that veterinarians are not “real” doctors. This contemporary doctrine on veterinary practice management, which emphasizes “tapping revenue potential” in every way possible, distorts our image from “medical […]

Why the veterinary profession needs a union

Morgan VanFleet, a licensed veterinary technician in Washington state, decided in February 2017 that she had had enough. After working more than a decade in veterinary medicine, VanFleet was unable to keep up with mounting medical bills and unable to afford modest housing in the city where she worked. Hearing similar complaints from colleagues, she […]