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Vet med has suffered because of us?

Editor’s note: The following Viewpoint is a response to the commentary of Dr. Richard Lanier [“Industry Should Start a Veterinary School,” August/September 2019]. Dr. Lanier, Since you decided to insult the females of the veterinary profession, I thought I’d return the favor, as you thoroughly deserve it. You had the audacity to blame the influx […]

Industry should start a veterinary school

Everyone in the business of veterinary medicine knows there is a serious shortage of practicing veterinarians. Even though there are more vet schools, the DVM product they are producing does not meet the needs of the market. Today’s grads do not appear to have the skills, desire and drive of previous generations of successful doctors. […]

Technician, not nurse

In the April/May 2019 edition of Today’s Veterinary Business, the editor’s commentary [“In support of ‘nurses’ ”] wholeheartedly supports the nationalization of the term “veterinary nurse.” In my small, decidedly unscientific poll of the LVTs employed at my clinic, none support or appreciate this new terminology. In human medicine, the term “nurse” applies to the […]

veterinary costs

Veterinary care needs to be more affordable

During his 2010 New York gubernatorial campaign, Jimmy McMillan attracted considerable attention with his Rent Is Too Damn High Party. His platform consisted of a concern that New York City rental prices had exceeded the ability of many people to afford even remotely decent lodging. I fear that we are on the verge of a […]

Another career option

I read the June/July 2019 issue from cover to cover, as usual. This time, though, I was struck with the realization that laboratory animal science is a completely overlooked specialty for both veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals. I read with particular interest “The Road Ahead” [Getting Technical column] but was dismayed that laboratory animal science wasn’t […]

Our evolving shelters

I want to thank Creative Disruption columnist Dr. Bob Lester for his article “Come Aboard” [June/July 2019]. I especially enjoyed his fresh view on “shelter reinvention” that recognizes and applauds the evolution of shelters from a focus on euthanasia to one of lifesaving and community service. We agree! Dr. Levy is the Fran Marino Endowed […]

In support of support staff

I have worked for a Kentucky veterinary hospital for 15 years. During my time here, clients have called me “nurse,” “tech” and “assistant.” I would never correct them because I am all of those. While I congratulate Liz Hughston on going to school, that was not an option for me. I do everything a certified, […]


Let’s activate the next generation of leaders

In the veterinary profession, we never take for granted that being entrusted with the care of a beloved pet is to be invited into the emotional center of a person’s life. It is a privilege and responsibility that we all take to heart. And while delivering the very best care for pets is a timeless, […]

I am a veterinary nurse

I’ve been following the Veterinary Nurse Initiative peripherally since its inception and am in support of its purpose. For years, I have used the term “veterinary nurse” and will continue to do so. For those who have questioned my usage of “nurse” in veterinary medicine, of which there have been many, I tell them this: […]

A great idea

“Stay Young at Heart” [April/May 2019] is a terrific article, which I have shared with all of our DVMs and leadership team to discuss. It’s interesting that columnist Paul Gladysz discusses the importance of dedicated drop-off spaces, as we’re looking at the possibility of a new building and I had this exact same idea. I […]