I am a veterinary nurse

I’ve been following the Veterinary Nurse Initiative peripherally since its inception and am in support of its purpose. For years, I have used the term “veterinary nurse” and will continue to do so. For those who have questioned my usage of “nurse” in veterinary medicine, of which there have been many, I tell them this: […]

A great idea

“Stay Young at Heart” [April/May 2019] is a terrific article, which I have shared with all of our DVMs and leadership team to discuss. It’s interesting that columnist Paul Gladysz discusses the importance of dedicated drop-off spaces, as we’re looking at the possibility of a new building and I had this exact same idea. I […]

An unfair selection process

I graduated from Purdue University in May 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine. I am currently in my second round of veterinary school applications. I have learned through the application process that it is all politics and is unfair. For Purdue at least, I have learned that […]

We’re not second class

In a distasteful attempt at a rebuttal, Mark Cushing’s response to Liz Hughston’s request to end the poorly performing title creep was demeaning, yet laughable at best. Using belittling terms such as “misguided” and “simple” toward an individual who is more-so qualified than himself proves how little Cushing truly knows about what WE do and […]

Don’t forget nursing’s legacy

I was keenly interested in the editor’s column about the Veterinary Nurse Initiative and in Liz Hughston’s comments. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I’m firmly in support of the initiative and RVTs. Certainly the law is clear. No one “owns” these words, but it’s naïve (or extremely cynical) to proceed as […]

Midwestern U doesn’t have a distributive model

I would like to address the article on distributive veterinary education, which mentions Midwestern University [“The Future Has Arrived,” February/March 2019]. Drs. Bob Lester and Jason W. Johnson indicate in their article that Western University offered the first distributive model of veterinary education and that 11 years later “Lincoln Memorial and Midwestern universities tried their […]

A condescending reply

I am a dual-licensed certified veterinary technician in Arizona and registered veterinary technician in Oklahoma who supports Liz Hughston’s Viewpoint [“Stop Using a Non-Existent Title,” April/May 2019]. Mark Cushing’s response to her letter was condescending and did not address her issue. She is stating that in Today’s Veterinary Business we are not called by our […]

Unsung pioneers in veterinary hospice

Thank you for publishing Dr. Natalie Mark’s excellent article “Fearless Through the End” in the February/March 2019 issue. Its emphasis on why and how veterinarians should learn to reduce anxiety and stress during hospice or euthanasia is indeed one of the most important aspects of proper communication with clients. Nonetheless, I did want to bring […]

Stop using a non-existent title

I am writing to ask you to please stop using a title that does not exist in North America to refer to credentialed veterinary staff. In your magazine, the terms “nurse,” “tech” and “assistant” are used with no clear delineation of which staff member the author is referring to, sometimes calling all support staff in […]

You can be part of the student debt solution

It’s a moral imperative. An economic emergency. A life or death issue. The educational loan monster. The veterinary profession’s debt debacle. The challenge that our profession is facing has been described over the past two decades in dozens of ways. “Managing Your Economic Future in Veterinary Medicine” was the title of an American Veterinary Medical […] Protection Status