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veterinary gold standard

It’s always about the money

Four or five months out of veterinary school, I wasn’t in the habit of talking about finances with pet owners. One day, however, a woman came in with her pet. I already had an educated guess as to what the problem was, but I wanted some diagnostics as confirmation. The estimate for diagnostics was $450, […]

Brooke Weinstein

An unforgettable freshman year

It was 34 years ago that I received my DVM from the University of Illinois. As I look back to the end of my freshman year, my biggest panics were dealing with really challenging faculty members in virology and immunology and getting past the large animal anatomy final. Disruptions were limited to snow, rain, heat, […]

hemp CBD oil

Hemp CBD: Legal without approval

The statement in the article “CBD 101” [April/May 2020] that hemp CBD products need Food and Drug Administration approval to be legal is false. Many products are legal without FDA approval. Such products include animal supplements, medical feed and compounded drugs [https://bit.ly/34XNuYS]. This means that animal supplements like Denamarin, glucosamine tablets, fish oil and hemp […]

independent practice

Stop observing and start reacting

Veterinary practices are losing ground — losing in new-client numbers and suffering from low patient visits. Failure to grab the bull by the horns and buck these negative trends will hurt many veterinary hospitals, but especially the independent practice. The reality is that pet owners are not taking their new pets to the independent veterinary […]

recession recovery

Surviving the coronavirus recession

We can always be confident in the value and importance of veterinary care to society, no matter how stormy the economy.

For many veterinary practice owners, the last few days have represented the most significant and rapid period of change they have ever experienced. In a matter of days, practices are converting to curbside service, implementing telemedicine initiatives, adjusting staffing protocols, and responding to the latest government stay-at-home and PPE orders. As one who has worked […]

higher education

‘e-’ stands for education

COVID-19 has compelled us to reimagine veterinary medical education. We’re learning to do it differently and more efficiently. The best is yet to come.

Prior to COVID-19, higher education dabbled in e-learning. Accessible, engaging electronic content was the exception. In the past week and a half, I have witnessed every institution of higher learning in the veterinary space begin to move their content to e-learning modules. In fact, all were forced to do this, as every class was canceled […]

preventive care

Do we really want to postpone preventive care?

In these pandemic days, wellness visits might not be a priority, but the risks to animal health aren’t going away.

Like all of us, I’m following with great interest the changing landscape of COVID-19 and am especially appreciative of our associations’ continuously updating the profession and providing expert guidance. However, I’m troubled by the recommendation that we postpone preventive care. I’m struck by our profession’s long-term discounting of the value of wellness care. With tens […]


Telemedicine to the rescue

Remote tools can help blunt COVID-19’s impact on veterinary practices.

As a practicing veterinarian for a quarter century, I have never experienced a time like this, when vets must be as concerned about potentially sick pet owners as we are about the clients’ sick pets. Many clients are understandably reluctant to come to the office for a face-to-face consultation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Added to […]

Peter and Brooke Weinstein

My daughter, the veterinary student

As Brooke crossed the floor and headed up the stairs a few months ago, I was in a haze. I was awestruck that my daughter was about to receive her white coat, signifying her entry into the professional curriculum at the Carlsen College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University. When the college’s dean, Dr. […]


Why is pet insurance so polarizing?

An updated pet health insurance policy was adopted during the American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates meeting in August 2019. The policy added 16 words: “and encourages veterinary healthcare teams to proactively educate their clients about the existence of such resources.” While the policy change was reported in veterinary publications, it drew little attention […]