black diversity

Where’s the Diversity?

All my life, my mother told me, “If someone else can do it, you can do it, too.” Some people might interpret that as, “You can do anything.” I took it differently. What my mother meant was that if someone could do what many people have accomplished — become a veterinarian, learn to ski, travel […]

pet insurance

A Lack of Assurance

I read Dr. Peter Weinstein’s informative article “Insurance Assurance” in the October/November 2020 issue of Today’s Veterinary Business. The article was well done, yet it did not leave me — a practicing veterinarian for over 37 years and a practice owner for over 30 years — with the assurance that pet health insurance is good […]

Mark Opperman article

Give Us a Break

I have never felt a more urgent need to respond to an article than I do to Mark Opperman’s “My Dog Broke His Leg” in the October/November 2020 issue of Today’s Veterinary Business. I read and reread the article multiple times, ensuring that I would respond in a measured, thoughtful way rather than just with […]

trends in veterinary medicine

Experts weigh in on the biggest changes coming to the veterinary industry

Artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine and an increasing minimum wage ranked among our experts’ movers and shakers.

Change is the only constant for anyone working in a veterinary practice or related business. While this is true for many industries in a technology driven world, it hits veterinary professionals particularly hard as they feel the pressure to not only stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques for treating patients, but […]

veterinary gold standard

It’s always about the money

Four or five months out of veterinary school, I wasn’t in the habit of talking about finances with pet owners. One day, however, a woman came in with her pet. I already had an educated guess as to what the problem was, but I wanted some diagnostics as confirmation. The estimate for diagnostics was $450, […]

Brooke Weinstein

An unforgettable freshman year

It was 34 years ago that I received my DVM from the University of Illinois. As I look back to the end of my freshman year, my biggest panics were dealing with really challenging faculty members in virology and immunology and getting past the large animal anatomy final. Disruptions were limited to snow, rain, heat, […]

hemp CBD oil

Hemp CBD: Legal without approval

The statement in the article “CBD 101” [April/May 2020] that hemp CBD products need Food and Drug Administration approval to be legal is false. Many products are legal without FDA approval. Such products include animal supplements, medical feed and compounded drugs [https://bit.ly/34XNuYS]. This means that animal supplements like Denamarin, glucosamine tablets, fish oil and hemp […]

independent practice

Stop observing and start reacting

Veterinary practices are losing ground — losing in new-client numbers and suffering from low patient visits. Failure to grab the bull by the horns and buck these negative trends will hurt many veterinary hospitals, but especially the independent practice. The reality is that pet owners are not taking their new pets to the independent veterinary […]

recession recovery

Surviving the coronavirus recession

We can always be confident in the value and importance of veterinary care to society, no matter how stormy the economy.

For many veterinary practice owners, the last few days have represented the most significant and rapid period of change they have ever experienced. In a matter of days, practices are converting to curbside service, implementing telemedicine initiatives, adjusting staffing protocols, and responding to the latest government stay-at-home and PPE orders. As one who has worked […]

higher education

‘e-’ stands for education

COVID-19 has compelled us to reimagine veterinary medical education. We’re learning to do it differently and more efficiently. The best is yet to come.

Prior to COVID-19, higher education dabbled in e-learning. Accessible, engaging electronic content was the exception. In the past week and a half, I have witnessed every institution of higher learning in the veterinary space begin to move their content to e-learning modules. In fact, all were forced to do this, as every class was canceled […]