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The Future of Pet Health Care: Creating a Continuum of Care

Pet ownership has skyrocketed over the last year to become the highest in history. Multiple factors likely play a role in this increase, but one stands out: loneliness. In 2019, about 70% of Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z reported experiencing a rise in loneliness, and COVID-19 only exacerbated this trend. Adopting a pet has […]

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4 Keys to an Awesome Veterinary Website

Veterinary website users fall into three groups: prospective clients, existing clients and your practice staff. The key to a veterinary website that works better for your practice is understanding four things: The differences in how the groups find and interact with your website. The importance of design and user experience once they arrive. How website […]


Time for a Change?

Design planning with an expert’s help can help you make it happen.

Perhaps your staff members have been complaining about bumping into each other in the hall or sterilization area or tripping over cords and equipment in the procedure room. Your sterilizer and monitors may be clocking more downtime every year. The furniture may look dated, the walls faded, and the floor tile ragged. Meanwhile, you may […]

Heartgard Plus

It’s Up to Us

We’re on a mission to protect dogs from heartworm disease, and treat and control hookworm and roundworm infections.

With one little bite, an infected mosquito can transmit potentially fatal heartworm disease to your favorite patient. You know the risks of an infection. We know them, too. But what about the clients? What do they know about the risks of heartworm disease? Do they know the signs and symptoms? And do they know how […]


Best Practices When Performing Veterinary Dentistry

Practicing dentistry can be like opening a birthday gift — you have no idea what you’re getting until you unwrap (or X-ray) it. What looks to be a routine cleaning in the exam room can quickly turn into multiple complicated extractions and even oral surgery. That surprise can be challenging enough, but what do you […]

How to Master Recruiting in the Digital Age

Recruiting talent to your veterinary practice sometimes feels akin to throwing darts at a dartboard, and sometimes it can feel like throwing darts while wearing a blindfold. Finding the right new team member is a delicate process of matching the right opportunity with an individual possessing the right work ethic. Even more difficult is finding […]


Considering Your Options for Representation in the Sale of Veterinary Real Estate

In almost every sale of veterinary real estate, it makes sense for the seller to obtain legal representation with respect to negotiating the legally binding purchase and sale agreement with the prospective buyer. Ideally, the attorney would have significant experience in representing sellers in real estate transactions within the state — and county — where […]

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Let’s Work Together to Protect More Dogs by 2020

Running a successful practice requires attention to a lot of details, from maximizing client appointments and staff schedules to inventory management and more. But when something is so key to an animal’s overall welfare as heartworm disease prevention, it’s easy to assume clients are following well-established recommendations — especially ones that your clinic staff have […]

Charging a Lower Markup for the Care of Chronic Disease Can Help Business

When clients say ‘yes’ to a treatment plan, your practice and patients benefit.

Growing a veterinary practice can be daunting. Many pet owners haven’t seen improvement in their disposable income in awhile, new-client visits have declined and internet pharmacies pose increased competition. Meanwhile, your current clients are valuable assets. But when you present to them a plan to diagnose and treat their pet’s chronic condition, they go into […]