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Help your clients by vetting pet insurance

Educate yourself about the different providers and their policies, and then share your recommendations with pet owners.

Running your veterinary practice can be difficult. Perhaps you have well-meaning clients who can’t pay for your services or who can’t afford expensive procedures. Other clients might ask for discounts. Not being able to help your clients or their pets can be emotionally and mentally draining for both parties. When you face these challenges in […]

What you need to know about 2018 taxes

Business owners would be wise to read up on the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or ask their tax professional for guidance.

Almost a year ago, in December 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was signed into law, introducing the most significant tax changes in 30 years. As 2018 draws to a close, now is a good time to plan and implement strategies that can boost your bottom line, improve the financial success of your […]

On high alert

As vector-borne diseases crisscross the country, animal and human health organizations are working hard to raise awareness.

An invasion is happening in the United States. Creepy crawlies carrying all sorts of vector-borne diseases are on the march or airborne. And neither pets nor people are safe. Illnesses from mosquito, tick and flea bites have tripled in the United States, with more than 640,000 cases reported from 2004 through 2016, according to a […]

Torigen wins Investment Forum’s Innovation Award

The developer of the VetiVax cancer vaccine was among 12 emerging companies presenting their ideas to judges and investors.

Torigen Pharmaceuticals Inc., whose autologous immunotherapeutic vaccine is touted as a lower-priced option for canine cancer treatment, was named the Innovation Award winner at the KC Animal Health Corridor Investment Forum. Company founder and CEO Ashley Kalinauskas, MS, outperformed 11 other presenters Aug. 21 in her 10-minute address to a panel of judges and hundreds […]

Selling your hospital can’t be your only retirement plan

Too much can change over time for you to count on a top-dollar sales price and comfortable post-career life.

As the equity partner or sole owner of a veterinary practice, you have put many hardworking years into the growth of your craft and business. Your practice is likely your life’s work. When you evaluate your retirement plan, the practice can be a major asset and cornerstone for your golden years. However, relying on the […]

Include price for yourself in the price on the shelf

VHMA Critical Issues Summit explores value-based pricing.

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association flexed its leadership biceps in August by hosting the Critical Issues Summit, a two-day workshop on value-based pricing. Leading the discussion was Utpal Dholakia, MS, Ph.D., a Rice University marketing professor and the author of “How to Price Effectively.” Dr. Dholakia recommends shifting the focus away from cost when determining […]

Eliminate ‘blank page’ blogging syndrome

An editorial calendar covering a full year and linked to seasonal events will provide ideas for fresh, relevant website content.

Blogging is a helpful way for veterinary practices to add fresh content to their websites and move up in internet search results. That’s because search engines value quality content, and for veterinary practices, this means helpful content for local pet owners. Need proof that blogging is worth it? Here’s one statistic reported by HubSpot: Business […]

The science behind the bond

HABRI’s research highlights the human health benefits of pet ownership.

Being a pet owner is good for your heart, according to the American Heart Association. Pet owners have significantly lower systolic blood pressure than non-pet owners, the organization says. Another interesting finding? Owning a cat makes you more likely to be alive one year after a heart attack. Non-cat owners had a 40 percent greater […]

MyPetDoc encourages people to talk about a pet’s problems

New app uses artificial intelligence to help worried pet owners decide on a next step.

What’s better than a video conference between a veterinarian and an advice-seeking pet owner? Cal Lai, co-founder and CEO of Vet24seven Inc., thinks it’s a simple conversation with Amazon’s Alexa. “Nobody wants to be seen on camera,” Lai said. “Our brains don’t like to see you and talk to you in two different dimensions.” What […]

Care packages

Preventive health care plans help ensure the well-being of a pet and consistent income for a veterinary hospital. Designing the proper one for your clinic takes time and effort.

Most clients want to do what’s right for their pet. But finances can stand in the way. A preventive health care plan can help. A preventive health care plan is a comprehensive package of annual veterinary services aimed at keeping a pet healthy, and for which the client can pay monthly or in a lump […]