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The science behind the bond

HABRI’s research highlights the human health benefits of pet ownership.

Being a pet owner is good for your heart, according to the American Heart Association. Pet owners have significantly lower systolic blood pressure than non-pet owners, the organization says. Another interesting finding? Owning a cat makes you more likely to be alive one year after a heart attack. Non-cat owners had a 40 percent greater […]

MyPetDoc encourages people to talk about a pet’s problems

New app uses artificial intelligence to help worried pet owners decide on a next step.

What’s better than a video conference between a veterinarian and an advice-seeking pet owner? Cal Lai, co-founder and CEO of Vet24seven Inc., thinks it’s a simple conversation with Amazon’s Alexa. “Nobody wants to be seen on camera,” Lai said. “Our brains don’t like to see you and talk to you in two different dimensions.” What […]

Care packages

Preventive health care plans help ensure the well-being of a pet and consistent income for a veterinary hospital. Designing the proper one for your clinic takes time and effort.

Most clients want to do what’s right for their pet. But finances can stand in the way. A preventive health care plan can help. A preventive health care plan is a comprehensive package of annual veterinary services aimed at keeping a pet healthy, and for which the client can pay monthly or in a lump […]

Make effective use of your team

Veterinarians generate active income. The all-important passive income starts with the staff members.

In too many clinics today, compensation for all members of the veterinary health care team is inadequate. Why, on average, do dentists enjoy personal incomes more than double their veterinary counterparts? Why are starting salaries for optometrists nearly twice that for veterinarians? Why do dental hygienists make more than many veterinarians? The good news is […]

5 ways to enhance the in-clinic retail experience

Make your clinic a convenient one-stop shop for immediate pet needs through thoughtful product selection and display.

The average veterinary school curriculum doesn’t include classes on mastering end caps and shelf danglers. Yet for many veterinarians in private practices, these standard retail terms are becoming a familiar vocabulary. As big-box and online pet retailers gobble up more pet product sales, clinics are experiencing more competitive pressure in their retail space. And while […]

Piece of the pie

Online retailers are gobbling up more pet food sales than ever. What does this mean for the industry and for veterinary practice customers?

There’s no way around it — online retailers are changing the global marketplace. That includes the pet products channel, where heavyweights like Amazon, 1-800-PetMeds and Chewy are rolling out more customer-friendly shopping options and product choices. Nowhere is this more evident than in pet food sales, the largest spending category in pet products. According to […]

A veterinary services eco system

Petco’s plan to expand veterinary services has many moving parts.

A local approach with a national reach might best describe Petco’s entry into veterinary services. In May 2017, the national pet retailer announced a joint venture with Thrive Affordable Vet Care to incorporate full-service Thrive clinics into select Petco stores. But in-store clinics are just part of the company’s strategy. Today’s Veterinary Business spoke with […]

Looking good!

Practice owners considering a new or remodeled hospital can draw inspiration from innovative designs by leading architectural firms.

Floor plans that offer the ultimate in efficiency. Glass blocks that allow more natural light. Comprehensive designs that follow stress-free practice principles at every touch point. Acoustical roofing that reduces noise. State-of-the-art therapies. These are just a few of the features incorporated into the designs of some of the newest hospitals. If you have an […]

7 ways to improve client engagement

Technology and automation can help a veterinary practice communicate better with pet owners and deliver a top-notch in-clinic experience.

Have you ever visited a business and thought, “Wow, what a great experience!”? If so, were you inclined to tell people about this business, maybe even write a review? How does your veterinary practice compare? Do pet owners leave your practice thrilled by the experience? Do you keep in touch with them when they’re not […]

5 online marketing musts

Is your clinic website optimized for mobile users? Do you populate the website with videos? Now add more.

You evaluate patient wellness using a checklist: physical exam, presenting signs, test results, age, weight and so forth. And from there you know how to advise clients and address health issues. It’s part of your daily protocol, right? But what about the wellness of your hospital’s online marketing efforts? Do you have a daily protocol […]

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