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How to Manage the Onboarding Process

Retaining talent is one of the key challenges that new owners face when they buy a veterinary practice.

Faced with the ongoing talent shortage within the veterinary workforce, corporate acquisitions in animal health care are in fact “acqui-hires,” where the real target is not the business but its veterinary team. Retaining talent, however, is one of the key challenges that new owners face when they buy a veterinary practice. According to research by […]

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Appearances Matter to Job Candidates

Tweaking your veterinary real estate can help in the recruitment and retention of talented individuals.

Studies show that one-third of the average person’s life is spent at work. Veterinarians, on the other hand, often work 10- to 12-hour days, and sometimes more. As the veterinary sector struggles with employee shortages, the competition for hiring and retaining the best talent remains high nationwide. If you’re going to spend one-third of your […]

time off

Why Practice Owners Must Take Time Off

Your clinic’s success is tied directly to your well-being and the culture you develop.

Running a veterinary practice is difficult because we were not taught about management in veterinary school. As a result, we tend to pick it up on the hoof. Some practice owners take to management easily, while others find it much harder. If your practice depends on you to be present for most of the hours […]


Tax Partnerships Come Under Growing Scrutiny

Are you prepared for the new IRS partnership audit regime?

The IRS is refocusing its audit efforts and imposing tax adjustments directly on partnerships rather than the partners starting with the tax year 2018. A few eligible partnerships with qualifying ownership structures might be eligible to elect out of the audit regime annually. Here’s what you need to know. Schedule K-1 Recipients If you receive […]

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5 Considerations for Reopening Your Clinic

The pandemic forced operational changes. Have you decided what will stay, return to the old way or evolve further?

We’re well over a year into the pandemic, and uncertainties around businesses reopening and certain restrictions being lifted still loom. While many veterinary clinics have reopened, the Delta variant has made returning to the “normal” protocols in place before COVID-19 increasingly difficult. Continued masking, proof of vaccination and social distancing are some of the most […]

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The Future of Pet Care

Veterinary practices need to embrace technology to meet the needs of digitally engaged clients.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen significant changes across the animal health industry, including dramatic shifts in practice workflows and an evolved veterinarian-client relationship. Driven by a surge in ownership among younger generations, more pet owners now seek access to digital solutions as well as services that increase convenience and efficiency. While trust in […]



A system of objectives and key results creates clarity, alignment and job satisfaction, and ultimately drives revenue.

Veterinarians are some of the most passionate and dedicated professionals you will find. Most of them knew since childhood that they wanted to help animals. Veterinarians are also some of the most goal-driven people, having completed a long and complicated journey from a bachelor’s degree to veterinary school, to a veterinary degree, to perhaps specialty […]

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How to Find the Right Financing Partner

Veterinary industry experience and transparency go a long way in ensuring a healthy business relationship.

A veterinarian’s job is to care for pets that can’t communicate what’s wrong or how they feel. Therefore, clinicians rely on ultrasound and digital radiography machines, endoscopy units, chemistry analyzers and other diagnostic tools to give a more holistic view of the situation and help them make informed medical recommendations and decisions. Many times, however, […]

Shawl Wilkie Talkatoo

Talkatoo Wins 2021 Pet Pitch Competition

The Canadian company’s dictation software is designed to save time throughout the veterinary practice.

Talkatoo, a dictation tool designed for veterinarians and other pet health professionals, won the Startup Circle’s Pet Pitch Competition at VMX 2021. The Halifax, Nova Scotia, company’s CEO, Shawn Wilkie, calls Talkatoo a game-changer for veterinarians, cutting their documentation time. The subscription-based, HIPAA-compliant dictation software utilizes artificial intelligence. In the Beginning As a technology guy, […]


Overwhelmed? Learn to Delegate

Improve your work-life balance by empowering veterinary team members and helping each person to learn and grow.

Owning a veterinary practice can be overwhelming if you act like you’re the only employee and think you have to do everything. Empowering your team not only will free up your time and reduce your stress but also boost your employees’ confidence and make them feel more fulfilled professionally. When you delegate tasks, team members […]