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Retail Value

Maximizing clinic essentials for client satisfaction, patient health and practice success

It’s safe to say that no veterinarian went to veterinary school because they dreamed about selling products someday. Rather, these future practitioners longed to stop the bleeding, mend the broken leg, ease the pain and protect the human-animal bond. However, pharmacy and retail sales are an important part of veterinary practice, even today in the […]

Animal health products trending up in 2020

Here are some of the top trends in animal health products, according to David Lummis, senior pet market analyst for Packaged Facts.

Here are some of the top trends in animal health products, according to David Lummis, senior pet market analyst for Packaged Facts, a leader in food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods market research. CBD In the past year or so, the market for cannabidiol (CBD) supplements for pets has grown from $30 million to more […]

veterinary clinic retail growth

How to grow your veterinary clinic’s retail business

Pet owners ask their veterinarians for advice on products — from pharmaceuticals to pet food — so don’t miss the opportunity to add to your bottom line with a growing retail business.

The keys to growing your veterinary clinic’s retail business — all while offering valuable, trusted products for your clients.

Halloween party product

Don’t be afraid to sell a product

Selling Points

You’re not a peddler. You’re a veterinary professional looking out for your patients’ best interests.

Halloween is right around the corner. My 8-year-old daughter, Ashelyn, and her friends are contemplating what they will wear for trick-or-treating. It’s a rite of passage for children. Heck, even adults find time to dress up every now and then for a Halloween party, with couples often choosing complementary costumes. Imagine the possibilities if a […]


Never stop learning

Selling Points

Whether in person or online, the educating of veterinary teams by sales reps needs to remain a priority, even in a COVID world.

The business world as we know it was upended by COVID-19. It’s no longer business as usual. Practice owners, medical directors, administrators, managers and other clinic leaders have had to reinvent how we provide medical services and sell products. The idea of holding a lunch and learn is the farthest thing from our minds. What […]

sales rep relationship

Sales in a stay-at-home world

Selling Points

Regardless of whether you buy a particular product or service, the company representative is deserving of your time. You never know when a business relationship will pay off for your hospital and clients.

No one was surprised to hear that the sales forces of all the pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies were placed on home office detail when news of the pandemic broke. The COVID-19 crisis had completely changed the business landscape to include veterinary hospitals. As essential businesses, however, we have a critical obligation to continue to provide […]

flea tick

Pick a winner

Selling Points

Don’t try to sell every flea and tick preventive. Settle on a favorite and get to work educating your team and clients.

I just finished a meeting at Starbucks with my main man Jeff, a pharmaceutical rep for the manufacturer that supplies the majority of my hospitals’ flea and tick inventory. When we looked at my flea and tick numbers from the past year, I was happy to see an upward sales trend. The conversation inspired me […]


Is it time for a change?

Selling Points

Core training isn’t just for the athletically inclined. Bring your teams together as often as possible to talk about retail products and client messaging.

Sports fans know that their favorite teams’ seasons have a beginning and an end. Professional hockey, baseball, football and basketball leagues have a training season, a regular season and a playoff season that concludes with a championship. It’s a beautiful cycle, and all teams get a restart every 12 months. Running a veterinary hospital, on […]


How do you measure up?

Selling Points

Client feedback is essential for improving a practice, especially in the purchase of pharmaceuticals and food. If a pet owner is disappointed and you don’t know why and can’t make amends, you might have lost a patient.

I find that many veterinary hospitals are very good at taking action when they sense excitement or urgency with their business plans. Changes are proposed and implemented after the leadership team has had a vision, attended a conference or CE event, or read an article in this very journal. Whatever the case, these actions and […]


Count down to 2020

Selling Points

Figure out what truly belongs in next year’s inventory and plan ways to spread the word — and education — to your team and clients.

How is it that just a few weeks ago we were enjoying a summer filled with barbecues, family get-togethers and warm evenings? Or are you relieved that summer is over because you had to deal with fleas, ticks, humidity and a caseload that seemed never-ending? I prefer the first scenario even though both are likely […]