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6 steps to effective worker discipline

H.R. Huddle

Don’t rush to judgment, adhere to the employee handbook and be consistent in your follow-through.

When you see the term “problem employee,” what comes to mind? Perhaps someone in your practice makes negative comments about virtually every situation, whereas someone else may disappear whenever an unpleasant task needs to be done. Or maybe someone believes she has the correct answer for every situation, and she doesn’t follow procedure when it […]

12 ways to motivate millennials

When managing younger employees, a nontraditional approach may be better.

If you think your 18- to 40-year-old employees — aka millennials, aka Generation Y — are lazy, uncommitted and entitled, then either you hired the wrong recruits or you haven’t found the right way to motivate them. Here are 12 ideas to motivate your Gen Y team members. They apply to receptionists and technicians as […]

Meet our editorial consultants

10 of the profession’s best and brightest are founding board members of Today’s Veterinary Business.

TOP ROW: Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA | Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD | Eleanor Green, DVM | Ernie Ward, DVM | Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC | Kelly Baltzell, MA |Mark Cushing, JD | Mary Beth Leininger, DVM | Zack Mills, DVM Amanda Donnelly, DVM, MBA, fell in love with veterinary medicine […]