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What You Need to Know About Recruiting

H.R. Huddle

Professional matchmakers can find a great veterinarian for your practice, but be sure to scrutinize the contract and fee structure before signing it.

Not so long ago, industry observers debated whether we had an oversupply of veterinarians or excess capacity. Over the past few years, though, the profession has undeniably suffered from a shortage of veterinarians. So, how can clinics find enough qualified professionals to serve clients and their pets? One solution is to use a recruiting agency. […]

inventory management

You Can Count on It

Getting Technical

Proper inventory management saves money by ensuring that your practice stocks precisely what it needs. Your online store can sell even more products.

Inventory management is a challenge for most veterinary practices. Drugs and supplies are typically a clinic’s second-largest expense and the most difficult costs to control. We must stock enough products on the shelves, without going overboard, to meet the needs of clients and patients. It’s a balancing act. We can’t afford to run out of […]

emotional health

First Impressions


Use the latest digital technology to get new pet owners to your curb or through your door and then coming back for more.

Pet adoptions have exploded. A Rover.com survey found that 60% of first-time pet owners had never been inside an animal hospital, which suggests an overwhelming number of people lack quite a bit of information about the physical and emotional health of their puppies and kittens. While the amount of education that veterinary professionals need to […]


Bad Employees, Rude Clients and Restorative Sleep

Opening Shots

Opening Shots columnist Dr. Ernie Ward answers your questions.

Q: I’m a manager who feels stuck with a poor staff. We need to fire a couple of employees because of chronic complaints from customers and co-workers. I’ve been running help-wanted ads, but no one responds. Our morale is down, and I’m now worried I might lose some good employees. I’m stressed and don’t know […]


Why We Join

Local, state and national associations stand up for their members and advocate for the profession at large.

One of the things I missed most after I graduated from Penn Vet in 2013 was the support and camaraderie of peers who had gone through the same rigorous academic training as me. As an early-career veterinarian, I faced an immense student debt load, a steep learning curve in daily practice, and the challenge of […]

no reactions

Just Say No? No!

Talk the Talk

The delivery of disappointing news to pet owners should be done tactfully and empathically. Use the correct phrases and messages to bring out the best in your clients.

Angry pet owners are nothing new for veterinary teams. Clients can become upset when handed an expensive bill, upon hearing a poor prognosis or simply because they’re having a bad day. Once the pandemic hit, clinic teams were on the receiving end of more flared tempers. Pet owners hearing “no” more than before took out […]

hospital rules

Obedience Training

Take Charge

If clients aren’t following your rules, don’t get angry. Reassess your policies and then think about how to clearly communicate what remains.

Does any of this sound familiar? “This client has no respect for us! She shows up in reception 20 minutes late for her appointment with no mask and her dog off the leash. She leans on the counter, breathing on me while I’m busy finishing my notes from the phone call I just finished. She […]

Vision Statement: Nextmune

Eye on Patient, Mind on Innovation

Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person essay series, Vision Statements.

Vision Statement: Nestlé Purina

“Inside” Innovation: Nestlé Purina Research Targets the Microbiome

Industry leaders provide a look behind the curtain to discuss their company values and goals in this first-person essay series, Vision Statements.