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New from Petco: PetCoach

Strolling the exhibitor aisles at the Colorado Convention Center, I came across the industry heavyweights as well as the small vendors and everyone in between. But what grabbed my attention at the American Veterinary Medical Association convention was a company I didn’t expect to see occupying a large island booth: Petco. Petco, like PetSmart, is […]

A growth opportunity

Leave a phone message for Mark Opperman, CVPM, and odds are the practice consultant extraordinaire won’t call back from his home base of Lawrence, Kansas. “Normally, about three weeks out of four, I’m on the road, either doing seminars or consults or teaching at one of over 20 veterinary schools,” he said. “I was just […]

The power of choice

The whirlwind of 2018 veterinary conferences and meetings is in full swing. Thousands of veterinary professionals kicked off the year by attending VMX or WVC, while the rest of the year presents additional opportunities such as the Veterinary Innovation Summit, the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention and Fetch. It’s encouraging to realize that today we […]

Your opinion matters

  If you’re like me, when you finish an online article about some controversial topic, you zip to the comments section to see what other readers think about the issue at hand. And if you’re like me, sometimes you weigh in, too. I enjoy reading opposing viewpoints because they open my eyes to facts and […]

Making it happen

Outcomes. Do we really have any control of our life outcomes or play a role in making things happen? Locus of control is one of my favorite constructs as it explores our perceptions of the manageability of our life outcomes. The theory gained public attention several decades ago through Dr. Julian B. Rotter. Locus of […]

On the road to success

You, the reader, gave a big thumbs-up to the inaugural issue of Today’s Veterinary Business. We can’t thank you enough for your comments because feedback tells us where we excelled and how we can improve. Here are a few unsolicited reader assessments: “This debut issue has captured the key elements in terms the average practitioner […]

Raising the bar

Choices. We make choices every day. Although each of us may have a different story, we actually have many things in common, which is great news. There was a time when our industry’s comfort zone lived within silos and we didn’t share valuable information, such as the results of the choices we made. Today, more […]