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Paycheck Chatter and the Need for Time Off

Opening Shots

Opening Shots columnist Dr. Ernie Ward answers your questions.

Q: I own a four-doctor clinic and recently overheard our new associate veterinarian complain about her paycheck to a couple of technicians. She told them that most of her classmates received a higher percentage of revenue and better benefits. We have a written policy of not discussing compensation with other staff members. What should I […]


6 Reasons to Embrace Telehealth

Clients are counting on you to provide remote veterinary services. Doing so makes your practice more efficient and can improve its financial health.

Veterinary telehealth is certainly not new. Jokingly, veterinarians say it started in the late 1800s, when the telephone was invented. Today, the main questions surrounding telehealth center on the regulations governing its use and why a veterinarian should consider offering telehealth services. But first, let’s define teleheath in the veterinary context. Veterinary telehealth is the […]

corporate ownership

Your Ownership Choices

Money Matters

Consolidator money is chasing multidoctor practices. If you don’t want to start a clinic from scratch, consider buying an overlooked hospital or obtaining a small stake in a corporate transaction. 

The situation is all too common. You were promised — or you at least expected — the opportunity to become a partner in the veterinary practice where you work, only to be outbid by a corporate consolidator. Is this the end of your dream to own a veterinary hospital? It doesn’t have to be. Let’s […]