corporate culture

The culture conundrum

Building an outstanding organization starts with devoted, empowered leaders who encourage employee camaraderie, team building and plain old fun.

Salaries and benefits are no longer the raison d’être for attracting and retaining the best clinical and support staff. They are looking for more. More what, exactly, is the question? Work/life balance to be sure. What else? Relief from the burden of student debt would be high on the list; that shadow is an ever-present […]

courtroom and exam room

Courtrooms and exam rooms

Politics and Policy

As legislators in three states ponder awarding non-economic damages to pet owners, the veterinary profession needs to get to the bottom of what is troubling nurses.

When we talk about threats to veterinarians and access to veterinary care, nothing is more dangerous than legislation that authorizes the recovery of non-economic damages. This troublesome idea has been around for decades, but state courts have done the heavy lifting to maintain the status quo in California, Texas, Georgia, Oregon and Vermont, to name […]

pet insurance

What is your practice IQ?

The higher the percentage of insured patients in your practice, the more care clients will approve and the healthier your clinic will be financially.

Management consultants generally agree that establishing and monitoring meaningful metrics is a vital tool for business success. One of the more valuable metrics for veterinarians is the practice insurance quotient, or practice IQ, which represents the percentage of insured pets in the hospital’s active-patient database. Why Practice IQ Is Important Companion animal medicine is unique […]

credit cards

Play your cards right

Take care when choosing a credit card processor or switching to another one. Fees, rates and contracts vary by company.

Just about all veterinary practices, regardless of size, accept credit cards in the tech-centric 21st century, and most take debit cards. But point-of-sale systems are not simple to set up. You see, credit and debit card transactions are not just a relationship between a business and a bank. A processor is needed to act as […]

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