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clinic reopening

5 Considerations for Reopening Your Clinic

The pandemic forced operational changes. Have you decided what will stay, return to the old way or evolve further?

We’re well over a year into the pandemic, and uncertainties around businesses reopening and certain restrictions being lifted still loom. While many veterinary clinics have reopened, the Delta variant has made returning to the “normal” protocols in place before COVID-19 increasingly difficult. Continued masking, proof of vaccination and social distancing are some of the most […]


Why You Need a Mental Health Routine

Hypnotherapy is a versatile tool especially effective at helping people deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

The COVID-19 pandemic took a momentous toll on the mental well-being of millions of people worldwide. It deprived them of many things that provide relief and mental rejuvenation, such as vacations, celebrations and basic social interaction. As a result, essential workers had difficulty finding an outlet for their stresses and worries, and they felt the […]


A Few Antidotes to COVID Stress

Go With the Flow

From requesting help to practicing mindfulness to controlled breathing, you have options for counteracting the pandemic’s effect on your psyche.

From the pandemic that brought you the terms “social distancing” and “Zoom fatigue,” here’s another one to add to your vocabulary: COVID stress. Little did we know when the pandemic emerged in early 2020 that COVID-19 would continue to disrupt our lives over a year later. COVID stress is the inevitable result of the uncertainty […]

pet care

The Next Step in Pet Care

COVID-19 has changed the face of many industries as businesses rethink their operations. While some have struggled to adapt to the changing needs of customers, veterinary medicine has seen innovative breakthroughs. In particular, COVID-19 has accelerated changes to veterinary operations, digital products and services, allowing hospitals to deliver high-quality care more efficiently and safely. These […]


Supplement Sales Skyrocket During COVID

U.S. pet owners spent almost $800 million in 2020, nearly half of it in the veterinary channel.

Pet supplement sales exploded in 2020 as the pandemic caused U.S. consumers to focus not only on their own health and wellness but also on that of their dogs and cats, according to a new report from Packaged Facts. Sales grew by 21%, to nearly $800 million, with the veterinary sector capturing an estimated 46% […]

pet blood transfusion

BluePearl Asks for More Pet Blood Donations

Pandemic restrictions likely discouraged clients from volunteering their cats and dogs as donors.

The BluePearl veterinary hospital network is appealing to pet owners to consider donating blood from their cats and dogs due to a significant shortfall. BluePearl, which operates 11 pet blood banks from Florida to Washington State, reported that donations fell by 19% in 2020, possibly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Changes to hospital processes, increased […]


Pets remain in high demand during COVID

An estimated 11.38 million U.S. households have gotten a new pet during the pandemic.

One thing the pandemic hasn’t changed much is society’s love of pets. The American Pet Products Association reported in its latest “COVID-19 Pulse Study” that 11.38 million U.S. households have gotten a new pet during the pandemic. Furthermore, the human-animal bond remains strong, with 3 out of 4 pet owners saying that spending time with […]

Preparing for the post-pandemic veterinary business landscape

Veterinary associates and practice owners are understandably worried about the future in a post-pandemic world. But there are bright spots and opportunities.

Our inaugural Clinic Innovation Guide is coming to you at a time when there are many unknowns and financial worries. Take advantage of our tips and sponsored products to bring a fresh light on your practice.

COVID coverage

COVID, insurance and your practice

Protect and Defend

Questions that few people were asking a year ago are suddenly on everybody’s mind.

As the pandemic sweeps across the United States, the delivery of veterinary services has changed dramatically. Not surprisingly, veterinarians and practice managers have raised questions about insurance coverage and risk management. This is the first of a two-article series highlighting the most frequently asked questions I have received from my insurance clients. Q. Do workers’ […]

wildfire pet care

Chapter 16: Tales from the COVID-19 front lines

“The human-animal bond has never been stronger. During times of really challenging situations, people need pets.”

This week: Dr. Peter Weinstein on wildfires and pet care, Dr. Bob Lester on a checkmark-shaped recovery, Debbie Boone on her “Open Letter to Clients,” and more. Read the first 15 installments in this series: Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6   Chapter 7 Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter […]