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industry jobs

How to Land an Industry Job

Leaving clinical practice for the corporate world is possible if you have the know-how, the soft skills and, sometimes, the connections.

Associate veterinarians and practice owners looking to get into the manufacturing, sales or research side of veterinary medicine will find opportunities and challenges. The good news is that the animal health industry and veterinary practices are healthy. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the veterinary profession’s unemployment rate ranged from 0.5% to 1.5%. Today, it’s about the […]


COGS Myopia

Financial Wellness

Dollars and percentages can tell different stories about the cost of goods sold. Higher numbers aren’t necessarily bad.

Nineteenth-century American humorist Josh Billings said, “It ain’t ignorance causes so much trouble; it’s folks knowing so much that ain’t so.” Three decades on, I’ve listened to practice owners, hospital managers, consultants and advisers bemoan a high cost of goods sold (COGS). Lower practice profitability is often attributed to a high COGS. But is a […]


Trying to Keep Everything in Balance

Discharge Notes

Veterinary professionals walk a tightrope anchored at one end by work duties and at the other by life. Sometimes, it’s OK to turn around.

As I pull into the parking lot at work, I mentally kick myself. “What am I doing here? It’s my day off.” I spent the past three hours talking on the phone, driving to a client’s house, putting a pet to sleep and now unpacking supplies from my car. I had family plans for this […]


How to Streamline Your Marketing

Socially Acceptable

Identify what you aim to achieve with current and potential clients, and then set out to get better results through less effort.

Marketing is one of the last things that team members want to do when a veterinary practice is stretched thin. But remember that marketing allows you to provide clients with the information they need, facilitate online or asynchronous actions like booking an appointment or processing an online pharmacy request, and, best of all, reach a […]

positive leadership

The Four P’s of Positive Leadership

Learn to create an environment in which people motivate themselves enthusiastically.

Her tears — and the pain and distress behind them — stung somewhere deep in my heart. It was the early years of my veterinary adventure, and I was a trained-off-the-streets technician with little more than two years of experience. I was leaning against the wall in the corner of the clinic’s exam room as […]

veterinary school admissions

Stuck on the Outside

Diversity Toolbox

The veterinary school admissions process mistreats Black and brown candidates. We can do a lot better.

American poet and social activist Langston Hughes asked in his iconic poem “Harlem,” “What happens to a dream deferred?” Published in 1951, the poem spoke to the fragility and combustibility of the dreams of marginalized groups — a side effect of chronic disinvestment in their communities and, by extension, their humanity. Dreams left vulnerable to […]

intention and acceptance

Paying Attention to Intention

Go With the Flow

With an attitude of mindful acceptance, you know what is important in life but are at peace no matter what plays out.

There’s something magical about “The Sound of Music.” Christopher Plummer, who starred as Captain von Trapp, found the movie “awful and sentimental and gooey” during its filming, but audiences responded differently. The movie was so popular that it passed “Gone With the Wind” as the biggest box office success to that time and helped save […]

Jessica Bowditch

A Rehab Technician Who Leads by Example

When she isn’t getting patients back on their feet, Purdue’s Jessica Bowditch is training the next generation of veterinary professionals.

With a voice as warm as sunshine, Jessica Bowditch, RVT, VTS, CCRP, bubbles over with enthusiasm for her career in physical rehabilitation. “When you walk into rehab, it’s like a rainbow hits you,” she said. “The students come in and say, ‘It just feels so happy in here.’ I want the dogs to feel that […]

student debt

The Debt Difference

Graduation comes with a diploma and, for many veterinarians, a six-figure student loan bill. Yet, a growing number owe nothing.

Kenneth Pierce sat down in 2001 to think about the loans he would need to complete his veterinary education. Already responsible for $60,000 in undergraduate debt, he was shocked by what he saw. “How am I ever going to pay this?” he asked his cousin, an Atlanta emergency room physician. “Think of it like a […]


The Inside Track

Socially Acceptable

Measure the effectiveness of your social media platforms in detail to ensure the time, money and effort were well-spent.

An essential non-medical addition to your vocabulary should be ROI, the acronym for return on investment. In the context of social media, ROI is the value your veterinary practice gets out of all the posts, videos and blogs you publish. What’s important to remember is that value isn’t just dollars and cents. Sometimes, value also […]