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6 Smartcuts for Relevancy

Diversity Toolbox

Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable by thinking differently, exploring new ideas and serving as active allies.

Smartcuts — smarter ways of doing things — propel us in a positive direction by creating sustainable momentum or eliminating unnecessary effort. When entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow first shined a light on smartcuts in the business world, he did it to encourage people to think differently. Thinking differently and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable […]


Tuneup Time

Financial Wellness

Your practice might need an overhaul if you neglect to monitor a few key performance indicators.

If you’re the owner, a veterinary practice is likely your largest asset. But is your clinic a finely tuned machine that produces a handsome return? If you don’t know the answer or are afraid of the question, it’s time to check the key performance indicators. Just as a car might break down if the dashboard […]

no reactions

Just Say No? No!

Talk the Talk

The delivery of disappointing news to pet owners should be done tactfully and empathically. Use the correct phrases and messages to bring out the best in your clients.

Angry pet owners are nothing new for veterinary teams. Clients can become upset when handed an expensive bill, upon hearing a poor prognosis or simply because they’re having a bad day. Once the pandemic hit, clinic teams were on the receiving end of more flared tempers. Pet owners hearing “no” more than before took out […]

veterinary telehealth

A Virtual Reality

Legal Lingo

Investors are flocking to veterinary telehealth through management services companies despite the legal hurdles.

A recent National Public Radio podcast episode, “Vet Clinic Chow Down,” described why large corporations are acquiring veterinary practices. The segment reminded me why the corporatization of veterinary medicine is such a significant trend to watch, especially in light of the explosive growth of veterinary telehealth, which also is seeing significant corporate investment. Before I […]

hospital rules

Obedience Training

Take Charge

If clients aren’t following your rules, don’t get angry. Reassess your policies and then think about how to clearly communicate what remains.

Does any of this sound familiar? “This client has no respect for us! She shows up in reception 20 minutes late for her appointment with no mask and her dog off the leash. She leans on the counter, breathing on me while I’m busy finishing my notes from the phone call I just finished. She […]

average practice

How Average Are You?

Money Matters

Don’t automatically fear the worst if your practice defies industry benchmarks. You might have good reason to be where you are.

I’d bet no one believes they work at an average veterinary hospital. Like most of us believe we are better-than-average drivers, most veterinary practice owners and managers think their hospitals are above average in the quality of patient care, compassionate customer service and treating doctors and employees fairly. But since you are clearly above average, […]

workers' compensation

Managing Workplace Injuries

Protect and Defend

Workers’ compensation insurance is a must-have to protect the business and cover employees’ medical and wage needs.

Veterinary medicine is a dangerous occupation. Whether you are a veterinarian, technician, assistant or kennel attendant, every animal you come into contact with can inflict serious harm. Although veterinary professionals largely take their working environments for granted, the U.S. Department of Labor says the percentage of people injured while delivering veterinary services exceeds the rate […]

bonding rate

It’s Checkup Time for Your Practice

Practice Smarter

At some point, you might want to roll back changes you made because of the pandemic. In the meantime, remember to update your fees regularly and re-engage clients with whom you lost touch.

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully is behind us. Things were so crazy over the past year and a half that many veterinary practices did all they could to survive and keep up with the constant changes. As we start to return to some form of normal, now might be a good time to […]

positive reviews

Focus on the Positive

Socially Acceptable

A lousy pet owner review can be disheartening for the entire staff. There’s an easy way to minimize the effects.

Veterinary professionals spend a ton of time dealing with online reviews — specifically, deciding how to respond to negative comments — and practice leaders worry about how a particularly negative review looks to clients. The topic regularly shows up in veterinary Facebook groups and practice manager forums. A recent well-being survey cited stress caused by […]


Diversity Pays Off

H.R. Huddle

The veterinary profession has made great strides in employing women and millennials, but determined practice leaders can accomplish much more.

Veterinary practices reap numerous benefits when employing a workforce diverse in age, gender, and racial or ethnic background. These team members, naturally enough, tend to brainstorm a greater range of solutions to problems and demonstrate deeper creativity and innovation in managing and growing the practice. A McKinsey study — visit mck.co/35JFSKP — determined that businesses […]