commitment culture

What the corporates get wrong

Creative Disruption

Successful, happy practice is more about commitment than compliance.

Consolidation, a normal occurrence in successful, fragmented, healthy, profitable industries, has come to our profession. I would argue that the positives outweigh the negatives. That said, most corporates don’t get one critical issue. The dominant consolidators in our profession come from the manufacturing sector, specifically the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. In CPG, efficient, repeatable, […]


The forgotten team member

Take Charge

Outnumbered and full of responsibility, practice managers aren’t immune to the personal struggles afflicting doctors and staff. Solutions are within reach.

As veterinary practice managers, we frequently discuss supporting employee wellness and combating veterinarian compassion fatigue, but our own stress and disengagement are less commonly addressed. Let’s do it now. Why are we ignored? In part, it’s a numbers game. The ratio of doctors and technicians to managers is high, so more emphasis naturally is put […]


The true you

Socially Acceptable

Spend time writing your online biography so that it communicates the essence of your personality and values. Pet owners look for a genuine connection when they search for a veterinarian.

What we convey to pet owners via our website and social media accounts speaks volumes about us. The truth is, the majority of pet owners will “meet” you online before they ever see you in person. A quick Google search will return dozens, if not hundreds, of results about you and your veterinary practice. This […]

veterinary technicians

A recipe for success

Getting Technical

Leveraging technicians gives them a greater role in patient care and frees veterinarians to focus on active, rather than passive, revenue streams.

One of the challenges we face in practices nationwide is a shortage of veterinarians. According to JAVMA News, nearly 20% of U.S. veterinarians are set to retire within the next 10 years. For the last decade, the number of veterinarians has risen by roughly 2.2% a year. So, the question is: Can we keep up […]


Proof positive

H.R. Huddle

Workplaces thrive in a culture of gratitude and when teamwork and collaboration are encouraged.

Studies have shown that positive leadership leads to positive work environments. The concept is so logical that you probably don’t need to review stacks of employee survey results to accept the notion that leadership has a real impact on work culture. Just as negative people can create a negative work environment, positive leaders can create […]


The slippery slope of judgment

Go With the Flow

Some of our richest and most helpful learning comes after our failures or someone else’s. A little humor can help.

This time around, we’re focusing on a potentially more sensitive topic: the consequences of judging others and ourselves. As always, the intent behind the thoughts we share here is to support more “flow,” or the state where we are fully present and meeting the challenges of the moment with a calm, clear focus and access […]

flea tick

Pick a winner

Selling Points

Don’t try to sell every flea and tick preventive. Settle on a favorite and get to work educating your team and clients.

I just finished a meeting at Starbucks with my main man Jeff, a pharmaceutical rep for the manufacturer that supplies the majority of my hospitals’ flea and tick inventory. When we looked at my flea and tick numbers from the past year, I was happy to see an upward sales trend. The conversation inspired me […]


Aspire to hire

Money Matters

Adding another veterinarian to a busy practice frees up time for you and other doctors to get more done on and away from the job.

How do you know when your hospital is ready to bring on another veterinarian? Maybe your current doctors are working more hours than they want. Or perhaps an associate veterinarian is planning a life change such as semiretirement or the birth of a child. Possibly, you want to spend less time on the medicine and […]

tone policing

The problem with tone policing

Diversity Toolbox

Focusing on the delivery of information rather than the content can impair efforts to have substantive discussions about diversity and inclusion.

Have you ever found yourself in an argument with someone and as the argument progresses you become more animated? Your voice might rise. You might talk a bit with your hands. It is clear you are passionate about your position and really want your companion to understand your point. At a critical point in the […]

pet pain

Team up to tackle pain


Too many dogs and cats don’t receive needed relief. Hospital staff should use the power of observation and diagnostics to do what is best for the patient and to build client trust.

I wish the following statements were purely historical, but as shared by Dr. Michael Petty during a discussion of the business of pain management, they are being spoken in veterinary clinics today by some of our colleagues. “Pets don’t feel pain like we do.” “It will help my patients’ recovery if they feel some pain […] Protection Status