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workers' compensation

Managing Workplace Injuries

Protect and Defend

Workers’ compensation insurance is a must-have to protect the business and cover employees’ medical and wage needs.

Veterinary medicine is a dangerous occupation. Whether you are a veterinarian, technician, assistant or kennel attendant, every animal you come into contact with can inflict serious harm. Although veterinary professionals largely take their working environments for granted, the U.S. Department of Labor says the percentage of people injured while delivering veterinary services exceeds the rate […]

bonding rate

It’s Checkup Time for Your Practice

Practice Smarter

At some point, you might want to roll back changes you made because of the pandemic. In the meantime, remember to update your fees regularly and re-engage clients with whom you lost touch.

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully is behind us. Things were so crazy over the past year and a half that many veterinary practices did all they could to survive and keep up with the constant changes. As we start to return to some form of normal, now might be a good time to […]


Diversity Pays Off

H.R. Huddle

The veterinary profession has made great strides in employing women and millennials, but determined practice leaders can accomplish much more.

Veterinary practices reap numerous benefits when employing a workforce diverse in age, gender, and racial or ethnic background. These team members, naturally enough, tend to brainstorm a greater range of solutions to problems and demonstrate deeper creativity and innovation in managing and growing the practice. A McKinsey study — visit mck.co/35JFSKP — determined that businesses […]

positive reviews

Focus on the Positive

Socially Acceptable

A lousy pet owner review can be disheartening for the entire staff. There’s an easy way to minimize the effects.

Veterinary professionals spend a ton of time dealing with online reviews — specifically, deciding how to respond to negative comments — and practice leaders worry about how a particularly negative review looks to clients. The topic regularly shows up in veterinary Facebook groups and practice manager forums. A recent well-being survey cited stress caused by […]

cells thoughts

Minding Our Thoughts

Go With the Flow

Coming from a place of gentleness, acceptance and appreciation of ourselves can create more positive outcomes.

In our quest for the state of balance and aliveness that we refer to as “flow,” we might be tempted to view our realities as being too influenced by our genetics or external factors for our thoughts to have much of an impact. Fortunately, our actual reality is much more optimistic, as where we choose […]


Rekindling the Love of Work

Departure Notes

Meaningful and memorable moments often outshine the end of a long, exhaustive pursuit. So, what are you striving for exactly?

Yesterday, I saw a client who informed me that she wouldn’t follow any of my nutrition advice because of “You know, dog food kickbacks.” Fortunately, she said, she had found the perfect dog food by sending a swab of her dog’s saliva to a company on the internet. Also yesterday: I treated a cat who […]


Paycheck Chatter and the Need for Time Off

Opening Shots

Opening Shots columnist Dr. Ernie Ward answers your questions.

Q: I own a four-doctor clinic and recently overheard our new associate veterinarian complain about her paycheck to a couple of technicians. She told them that most of her classmates received a higher percentage of revenue and better benefits. We have a written policy of not discussing compensation with other staff members. What should I […]


Lease for Less

Legal Lingo

Here’s what veterinary practice owners need to know before they sign a commercial rental agreement.

If you’re a soon-to-be veterinary practice owner, your initial reaction to finding suitable commercial space likely is excitement about the opportunity to move in and start growing your business. But before you do anything, you’ll want to focus on the lease agreement and all its implications. As with many legal agreements, a poorly drafted lease […]

corporate ownership

Your Ownership Choices

Money Matters

Consolidator money is chasing multidoctor practices. If you don’t want to start a clinic from scratch, consider buying an overlooked hospital or obtaining a small stake in a corporate transaction. 

The situation is all too common. You were promised — or you at least expected — the opportunity to become a partner in the veterinary practice where you work, only to be outbid by a corporate consolidator. Is this the end of your dream to own a veterinary hospital? It doesn’t have to be. Let’s […]


Breaking With Tradition

Politics and Policy

The veterinary establishment needs to trust the judgment of practitioners and appreciate what a virtual VCPR can do for pet care.

As the adoption of telemedicine rises, discussions persist on the details surrounding virtual care. A point that pet health stakeholders haven’t agreed on is whether the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) should be established virtually. This past April, May and June helped to sort out the differences in how organizations view the telemedicine VCPR, or more precisely, […]