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Hold on to your clients

Retaining pet owners is more challenging in a fragmented market, but you’d do well to be transparent about vaccine prices, send multiple reminders and launch a subscription wellness plan.   

The pandemic severely limited my usual travel, giving me time to do some much-needed office cleaning. Sorting papers and folders, I ran across the American Animal Hospital Association’s first client compliance study, done in 2003. The publication showed a whopping $630,000 a year in potential revenue lost per veterinarian in preventive and wellness health care. […]


What are you waiting for?

Innovation Station

Demand for virtual care is soaring. The ever-expanding field of teleconsulting and telemedicine has options galore for any size practice. You just need to investigate and choose a partner.

Is your veterinary practice one of the estimated 32% that use some form of virtual care? If you joined the crowd due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone — telehealth platform use skyrocketed once social distancing arrived and clinics scrambled to take care of pets while keeping their owners six feet away. But maybe, […]

home delivery

Special delivery

Subscription programs keep pet owners stocked with therapeutic diets. Veterinary practices still profit from food sales and aren’t responsible for maintaining a large inventory.

If you haven’t tried it, you might be surprised by what the home delivery of therapeutic diets can do for your clients and clinic. Subscription programs offer pet owners a simple way to be resupplied at their front door, and they generate consistent revenue for practice owners. “Using an online store allows us access to […]

curbside appointments

A view from the curb

How do clients and team members really feel about drive-up appointments? Pet owners miss the face-to-face contact, while the veterinary staff reports some pros and cons.

I admit it: I got a pandemic dog. After my soul dog, Jack, passed away in February, I knew I’d eventually want another dog. I started looking at various animal rescues but couldn’t find “the one.” That changed over Memorial Day weekend. The Thursday before, I was attending a virtual happy hour with colleagues when […]

relief veterinarian

The multitalented relief veterinarian

VetPartners Corner

A visiting doctor can be more than a fill-in. Use the veterinary professional in other roles, from telehealth adviser to house call provider.

At about 4 years old, my niece was looking at one of those small collapsible tables that you set up near the TV so you can simultaneously eat and binge-watch the latest addictive series. When the small wooden bar under the table is pulled, the legs convert from a straight line to a stable “X” […]

valuation analyst

Who ya gonna call?

Money Matters

Selling a practice isn’t a do-it-yourself endeavor.

Are you thinking about selling your veterinary practice? Are you ready for retirement? In a perfect world, your hospital would be appraised three to five years before you plan to sell so that you know what your practice is worth at that moment and to give you sufficient time to make changes that could increase […]


Selling your practice in a COVID market

Legal Lingo

Making and closing a deal between a hospital owner and a buyer isn’t as easy as it once was. Skittish lenders, contract contingencies and even uncommitted clinical staff can gum up the process.

So, you’ve decided to sell your veterinary practice after a lifetime of hard work, but the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally impacted the process. From new contractual provisions and buyer financing delays to due diligence issues, you’ve encountered numerous roadblocks. However, with better planning and the right team in place, a sale can be successfully achieved. […]


How to survive the recession

Cash is king whether it’s coming or going. You should explore all the ways to persevere and succeed during tough times, from negotiating with vendors and lenders to training and trusting your team.

We don’t claim to be economists and can’t begin to fully explain what causes a recession, but we’ve been impacted personally and professionally by a number of them and emerged reasonably unscathed each time. Historically, veterinary medicine has been recession-proof, one of the reasons it’s such an attractive space for investors. However, during the 2007-2009 […]


Assembly required

Constructive Criticism

Hiring the builder of your dream hospital isn’t as simple as selecting the lowest bidder or relying on a friend’s recommendation. Looking for a contractor with experience in animal care projects is a good first step.

A common topic of discussion during almost every building project involves the selection of the contractor. More often than not, veterinarians looking to construct their first hospital aren’t sure how to proceed. They might know what they want, where the hospital will be located and how they’ll pay for it, but all the planning in […]

pet food

Pet owners beg for nutrition advice

Your clients struggle to navigate the saturated marketplace of pet food and treats. Are you missing an opportunity to help them?

The majority of pet owners are very interested in pet nutrition and — spoiler alert! — they want to learn about it from their veterinarian. Our work with Trone Research and Consulting found that more than 6 in 10 pet owners believe that properly fed pets have fewer health problems and therefore lower veterinary bills. […]