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past due patients

Many Happy Returns

Getting past-due patients back into the clinic for vaccinations is best done by identifying the pets most at risk of disease.

As COVID-19 ravaged society and pet owners hunkered down, some veterinary patients fell off the radar. Now is the time as the pandemic ebbs in the United States to get lapsed patients back on track with routine wellness care — specifically, vaccinations. What you shouldn’t do is load the schedule with random (any and all) […]


How Healthy Is Your Cybersecurity?

Innovation Station

Veterinary telemedicine providers aren’t doing enough to protect themselves and their clients from hackers.

Are you considering implementing or expanding veterinary telemedicine? Are you concerned about the security of the information transmitted back and forth? You should be. Cybercrime is on the rise in incidence, severity and sophistication. Stories about ransomware continuously dominate headlines. Health care is increasingly at risk of cyberattacks that can cause significant losses, both operationally […]

pandemic future

The Next Chapter

Practice Smarter

At some point, you might want to roll back changes you made because of the pandemic. In the meantime, remember to update your fees regularly and re-engage clients with whom you lost touch.

I often wondered over the past year when I would be able to write this article, but today I see signs of optimism. What will life look like when we are out of the pandemic, and how must we adapt to the reality that follows? First, let’s take a quick look back. Although COVID-19 took […]

sale mistakes

8 Mistakes You’ll Regret

Legal Lingo

You must check all the boxes when buying or selling a practice. Skipping a step could leave either side unhappy.

The purchase or sale of a veterinary practice can be an overwhelming journey. Even seasoned clinicians will encounter numerous potholes — emotional, financial and legal issues — on the road to closing what in many cases can be a multimillion-dollar transaction. Here are eight gaffes that frequently occur in the veterinary world and suggestions for […]


Crack the Code

Just about everything you need to solve a medical mystery is within your reach. A logical, methodical and evidence-based approach goes a long way.

I learned during my years in veterinary school and practice that my eyes can’t take radiographs, my hands can’t perform cytology or histopathology, my ears can’t conduct an ultrasound, my mouth isn’t a diagnostic laboratory, and my nose isn’t an MRI. So, I must supplement my mind and senses with one of a plethora of […]


To Be Continued …

Informing clients about heartworm and other parasitic risks to their pets is a never-ending responsibility for veterinary teams.

Picture it: 5 p.m. on a lovely, cool March evening in Charleston, South Carolina. You’re outside on the screened porch, hints of spring are in the air, your beloved dog rests beside you, and tiny gnats squeeze through the screen to bite you. Those pesky flying insects remind you that even in March, the bugs […]


The Can-Do Charter

Artists create beauty by coloring outside the lines. What if your veterinary team could do — and be — so much more?

I had the opportunity a few years ago to buy into a partnership acquiring a multidoctor small animal hospital. The practice had been privately owned for all of its 30-plus years. During one of our early meetings with the owner-doctor, he enthusiastically showed us his policy book, a 3-inch binder overflowing with sheet after sheet […]

business model

Rise Above the Rest

You don’t have to stick with the business model that got you here.

The nebulous term “business model” is without one clear definition, but you know a business model when you see it. Essentially, it is a company’s core plan for success and profitability. Important aspects include: The products and services offered. The target market. The customers. What do they want? The sales structure. Is it direct and […]

preventive care

The Paradox of Preventive Care

Creative Disruption

We should celebrate the state of nothingness. The absence of disease is a consequence of frequent visits and client compliance.

One of the many challenges our society faces with COVID-19 is that nothing happens if we wear a mask, wash our hands and physically distance from one another. Nothing is a good thing, right? No one gets sick. However, recognizing and reinforcing behavior that results in the absence of disease is difficult. The same can […]


4 Threats to Sustained Growth

Politics and Policy

The veterinary profession isn’t doing enough to support the booming pet market. Change must come from the top and from practice owners.

The economic surge in pet health care and services has exceeded 14 months. There’s no end in sight. The fundamentals appear to be in place: rising pet ownership, growing demand for pet services, the millennial and Gen Z appetites for human-quality pet health care, the acceptance of online delivery models, access to capital, etc. The […]