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What’s Next for Telemedicine?

Politics and Policy

The evidence shows there’s no reason for anyone to fret about veterinary virtual care. It’s safe, effective, in demand and here to stay.

When we look back on 2020, the year of COVID, three other things will jump out: With some exceptions, 2020 was a year of extraordinary growth for veterinary practices and the animal health industry. Who would have predicted that in early March, when an anxious America wondered about economic survival as the pandemic took hold? […]


See for Yourself

Telemedicine can enhance what practitioners do in otitis cases and cement client loyalty like nothing else.

Conventional wisdom says veterinary dermatology is more telemedicine-friendly than, say, internal medicine because the patient’s problem is on the outside rather than the inside. This means lesions, redness, pustules and the like can be visualized in photos, videos or a live camera feed and shared with a practitioner. However, with otitis, the problems can reach […]


The Automation Evolution

Innovation Station

Robot team members? Expanded use of artificial intelligence in veterinary education and diagnostics? Get ready.

Imagine a pet owner enters a veterinarian’s office and is greeted by a 5-foot-tall robot that provides limited but flawless reception services. Given audible instructions, the client and his pet enter a designated exam room. There, a human veterinary nurse performs hands-on procedures like a dental exam and blood draw. She then activates another robot […]


How Much Profit Is Enough?

Money Matters

How you spend excess money is your decision, not your adviser’s, but make sure you set goals and have a path to attain them.

Not that long ago, many veterinarians considered profit an unworthy goal. After all, they had a higher purpose: a calling to care for animals and prevent and alleviate their suffering. Profit was not a priority. As long as there was enough money to keep the lights on, things were fine. Keeping the lights on, however, […]


The Last Word

Legal Lingo

What you need to know about arbitration clauses in employment contracts.

Many practice owners require associate veterinarians to sign employment agreements that include arbitration provisions. One reason is that arbitration is generally touted as a good way for an employer to avoid the financial risk associated with taking litigation to a jury trial. That said, arbitration is not always cheaper than a court proceeding and not […]


Crowd Pleasers

Group purchasing organizations provide independent practice owners with discounts on products and services, along with other benefits. 

Viviana Burgos, the practice manager and co-owner of Eagle Fern Equine Hospital in Estacada, Oregon, knows that running a large clinic is expensive, but she instantly cut some bills when she joined The Veterinary Club about a decade ago. “I had just purchased the practice and was trying to save every penny I could, but […]

veterinary diagnostic equipment tips

Tips for purchasing in-house veterinary diagnostic equipment

Factors to consider when purchasing new diagnostic equipment for your veterinary clinic.

Diagnostics is one of the fastest-growing profit centers in veterinary hospitals and clinics. These tests represent a huge opportunity for a practice to give pet owners and pets the best care possible. Appropriate diagnostic tools are critical for identifying the presence and cause of disease and for determining an appropriate course of treatment for your […]