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Dental chews promote patient, practice health

By persuading clients to give their pets VOHC-accepted chews every day, the veterinary team can boost oral health and the bottom line.

U.S. veterinary practices capture just 2 to 3 percent of dental chew sales, meaning nearly all clients buy from retailers instead. That’s a significant chunk of lost cash in the nearly $1 billion market for pet oral care products. But the biggest problem for practitioners isn’t the missed business opportunity. “The biggest opportunity you’re missing […]

How to profit on a hospital pharmacy

Be competitive with prices and communicate to clients why they should buy their pets’ drugs from you.

One of my favorite business books, “Built to Last,” compares companies that have stood the test of time with companies that have gone out of business. Among the discoveries by authors James Collins and Jerry Porras is one that may surprise you. It sums up how companies that last feel about profit: “Profit is like […]